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Lil’ Scrappy gets roasted on Twitter for fighting Erica P

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Lil’ Scrappy gets roasted on Twitter for fighting Erica P

Lil' Scrappy 7By Fio Borrelli
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Every Monday, Lil’ Scrappy is the center of discussion on VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.” But, as the episodes and seasons continue to pass, Lil’ Scrappy has a trend with his actions. Each time he fights, it has something to do with a woman, such as his infamous fight with Stevie J.

Lil’ Scrappy was originally introduced after his relationship with Diamond ended. He was placed in a triangle with Erica Dixon, the mother of his child, and with popular video vixen, Shay Johnson. This triangle ended last season, with Shay Johnson leaving the show.

Now, Lil’ Scrappy is in a new relationship with Bambi, of VH1 “Basketball Wives” fame and also involved with Erica “Pinky” Pinkett. In the last episode, Lil’ Scrappy firmly chose Bambi over her. But, in tonight’s episode, Lil’ Scrappy chose to meet with Erica and they got into a fight and the fans on Twitter have gone IN on Lil’ Scrappy.

Read the tweets about Lil’ Scrappy below:

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