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Lil’ Scrappy gets roasted for mispronouncing “music,” “beautiful,” and “mutually” #LHHATL

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Lil’ Scrappy gets roasted for mispronouncing “music,” “beautiful,” and “mutually” #LHHATL

Lil' Scrappy 3By Jay Mack
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

A couple of years ago, VH1 picked up on Lil’ Scrappy’s own way of talking. It’s his own language, the Hip Hop Vibe staff has coined “Scrapanese.” Recently, the way Scrappy talked has made even more noise, on Twitter.

For the past two weeks, Lil’ Scrappy has gotten a lot of flack for how he pronounces “music.” Last week, Scrappy got another bashing for mispronouncing “beautiful.” Tonight, Scrappy got the social media world going again.

In addition to “music” and “beautiful,” Lil’ Scrappy added “mutually” to his Scrapanese language. The fans couldn’t get enough of how he was speaking. They had a field day all over Twitter and it is still going on now.

Read the tweets about Lil’ Scrappy below:

Scrapanese1Scrapanese2 Scrapanese3 Scrapanese4

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