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Lil Nas X Claims That He’s Done Trolling Boosie – “It’s Boring, Honestly” [VIDEO]

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Lil Nas X Claims That He’s Done Trolling Boosie – “It’s Boring, Honestly” [VIDEO]

A week ago, Boosie went off on Lil Nas X on social media again, as that was due to Nas X claiming that he had a song with Boosie, in the stash. It was on Instagram Live, where Nas X called it a “fire” song.

Boosie went on to post a violent tweet, which told Nas X to stop trolling him, and that he needs to commit suicide. He even claimed that the world would be better without Nas X there. Nas X’s brother and father would go on to bash Boosie, on Twitter and Instagram.

Now, Nas X is finally speaking on what happened. At this point, he’s done trolling Boosie, as he explained that it’s “boring,” and brings too much drama.

“Last time I was on Live, I said some shit that had me going through an entire week of sh*t. I said a certain thing about a certain person, so I’m just gonna leave that shit alone ’cause it’s boring honestly. It gets boring.”

It’ll definitely be interesting to see if Boosie is done speaking on Nas X. He’s let out some very homophobic comments since the summer, which shouldn’t be tolerated on social media.

Check out Lil Nas X speaking on Boosie, below.


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