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LeBron James-starring #SpaceJam2 may actually be in the works

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LeBron James-starring #SpaceJam2 may actually be in the works

LeBron James 4By Jay Rich
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Regardless of the age, every kid born since the 1990s saw Space Jam and they loved seeing Michael Jordan take over the world via basketball with the “Looney Tunes” crew. Rumblings over the past few years have said a sequel is coming. The other number 23 is the reported star.

Since he came into the NBA, LeBron James was touted as the “second coming” of Michael Jordan. Delivering memorable performance, most of which wearing number 23, LeBron built a legacy. But, his finals shortcomings and going to Miami to win count against him.

None of this matters in the world of entertainment, however, as, from a marketing standpoint, LeBron James is the new Michael Jordan. This is so much true that the Space Jam 2 stories are not looking like so much of a rumor, anymore. Now, it is being stated that the movie may actually be coming.

Source: Yahoo! Sports

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