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Kreayshawn speaks on Game’s disses

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Kreayshawn speaks on Game’s disses

KreayshawnBy The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Earlier this summer, Kreayshawn burst onto the scene. As a representative of the West Coast, Kreayshawn is the opposite of how most would view a West Coast rapper. Still, she raps about a number of the same topics. Kreayshawn also infamously uses the N-word in a number of her songs.

Many rappers have addressed Kreayshawn. While some have taken offense to her lyrics, many think she is cute. Game is not impressed at all by Kreayshawn. The Compton rapper has threatened her safety a number of times. Game said he would physically hurt Kreayshawn if they ever came face-to-face.

Kreayshawn recently discussed the situation with Game, saying she does not want to slap a grown ass man. She also jokingly threatened to call 50 Cent, Game’s longtime enemy. When her manager asked her to calm down, Kreayshawn begins to call game out. Among other things, Kreayshawn said Game was a fake ass blood.

Her manager, “Stretch” McCoy, advised her to be quiet, but Kreayshawn said she could not be the little white bitch who would hide every time she got dissed. With Game throwing several shots, Kreayshawn said she was tired of it.

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