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Kreayshawn completes Debut Album, “Somethin’ Bout Kreay”

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Kreayshawn completes Debut Album, “Somethin’ Bout Kreay”

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Hip hop went through a major shakeup last summer, when Kreayshawn emerged on the scene, powered with her “Gucci Gucci” single. The song was only one part of Kreayshawn’s act, as she is also a talented video director. It did not take long for Kreayshawn to establish herself as comic relief in the hip hop industry.

With V-Nasty, she is one half of The White Girl Mob and the duo is known for their constant use of the “N-word.” There are many rappers who have no issue with this, meanwhile there are many others who took offense. Game was highly offended by those disrespectful lyrics and said he would physically harm Kreayshawn if they ever met.

Not afraid of controversy, Kreayshawn made it clear she was not afraid of Game, calling him a “fake blood.” Her insults did not stop there, as a freestyle of Kreayshawn dissing Rick Ross emerged. Both downplayed any real beef. However, at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, Rick Ross did confront her and their situation is now “handled.”

Moving forward, Kreayshawn has proved she is more than a one-hit-wonder fire-starter. Kreayshawn revealed she has completed her debut album, which is called Somethin Bout Kreay. The album will be released through Sony Music, but there is no set release date for the project.

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