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Krazy Drayz releases “Full Time Hustle” track listing

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Krazy Drayz releases “Full Time Hustle” track listing

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Even with all the complaints about the lack of lyricism, “real” hip hop still exists, as the veterans have continued making music. In the early 1990s, Das EFX gained attention and acclaim for their music. Twenty years after their debut, Krazy Drayz has gone solo, preparing to release his Showtime album.

Krazy Drayz has built much anticipation for the album, as longtime hip hop fans are glad he is back and younger fans like his style. Showing he has changed with time, Krazy Drayz is making a name for himself on the mixtape circuit. As his Showtime album waits in the wings, Krazy Drayz has his Full Time Hustle mixtape in the works.

Delivering eleven new tracks, Krazy Drayz features production from Erick Sermon and no collaborations. Full Time Hustle is set for release here in the near future, holding fans over until he releases the real deal. Earlier today, Krazy Drayz released the full track listing for his Full Time Hustle mixtape.

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