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Kool G Rap discusses Hip Hop’s lack of Lyrical Ability

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Kool G Rap discusses Hip Hop’s lack of Lyrical Ability

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Hip hop has been on a lyrical decline for years and many have given their opinion. Most old school hip hop fans are highly upset because of the shift. A number of veteran rappers have also spoken out against the new crop of rap stars.

Kool G Rap recently gave his opinion about the current state of hip hop. Surprisingly, he is not upset about what is going on. He did acknowledge the fact that lyrical ability is declining. But, this does not anger him the way it does some.

In an interview, Kool G Rap explained why he is not disappointed in the current hip hop. He understands everyone is made differently. Kool G accepts not every rapper will emerge and be talented, lyrical ability like Rakim and other legends is something which cannot be taught. Sensing this, Kool G Rap lets the new rappers do what they do.

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