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King Soulja: Soulja Boy an AGoff battle in UFC again [VIDEO]

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King Soulja: Soulja Boy an AGoff battle in UFC again [VIDEO]

Soulja Boy AGoffBy DJ Louie Styles
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

If anybody asks where Soulja Boy is right now, he will respond that he is on top of the world. Last week, Soulja Boy ended things on a high note with the release of his new project, King Soulja 3. While he is expecting strong sales off that release, him and the team are basking in their success.

Soulja Boy is having fun and making hits for a lot of artists, behind the scenes. The artists on his roster, such as AGoff, are making sure the world sees them and knows their music, too. In fact, AGoff talked to Hip Hop Vibe about this very topic last fall when he came to New York City.

When Soulja Boy and AGoff aren’t in the studio, they are somewhere battling it out… UFC style. Everything is all love everywhere else, but it goes down when these two end up on the controllers. They took their battles to Instagram, once again, for the whole world to see.

Watch Soulja Boy’s Instagram video below:

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