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Khalid Daniels is bringing the EyeCandy

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Khalid Daniels is bringing the EyeCandy

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Without touching the microphone, Khalid Daniels is quickly becoming a big name in hip hop. Having been around for years, Daniels has personal relationships with many major artists. Instead of trying to push a career in rap, Mr. Daniels has other ideas.

Khalid Daniels has decided to enter the publishing business with EyeCandyMagazine. With a focus on the video vixens, Khalid Daniels is preparing to revolutionize the urban print outlets. Daniels has partnered with Black Rolling Stones, among many other independent companies and he is preparing to release his product into the world.

Determined to be successful, Khalid Daniels is ready to give the world the EyeCandy they have wanted for so long.

Hip Hop Vibe recently landed an exclusive interview with Daniels, check it out below:

How long have you had the concept of EyeCandyMagazine? The concept is going on ten years.

With magazines like KING and Black Men, how will EyeCandyMagazine separate itself from the pack? Because it is eye candy, it will feature every aspect of the entertainment industy. We are a trademarked company and I have been doing this for ten years. Aside from this, we have new technology that will completely change the game.

How have you gone about marketing the new magazine? As far as marketing, I have prepared to take my magazine to the digital, setting trends, and still maintaining my following with the print magazine. This is where the EyeCandy models come from and the EyeCandy Productions come from.

So, outside of the magazine, you also manage models? No, not at the time being. Right now, we are pushing the models, but the focus is on the magazine.

Are you involved in hip hop in any other ways? In every aspect of the industry, I am involved.

Do you have personal relationships with industry insiders? Those people, I would rather not speak on at the moment. The people know who I am.

How has being a ten year veteran helped you in putting the magazine together? It helps me continue accomplishing successful ventures. Mistakes newcomers would make, I easily avoid because I have been there and done that.

Can you tell us how many models you are currently working with? I am working with several models and I will reveal more information about them in the future.

How are you attracting sponsors for the magazine? Through a global network of people who have associations with my associates. By releasing this magazine to a global market, we can put together a solid revenue stream. Once my magazine is released to the public, everyone will want to be a part of it.

Do you see EyeCandyMagazine one day replacing Playboy? Definitely. This will be the fastest-growing publication the media has ever seen. When I say growth, I mean all aspects of growth.

Explain what Black Rolling Stones is doing with EyeCandyMagazine. Black Rolling Stones are collaborating with my company to help out EyeCandy. We are using their promotional tools and their video production. Their work is phenominal and they are a valuable asset to my company.

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