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Kenron Delivers That Baltimore Sound

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Kenron Delivers That Baltimore Sound

Twin brothers Roze & Kino are Maryland natives who continue to bring that heat when it comes to their music. The goals they hope to achieve within the industry are to drop two albums this year and reach at least one million streams on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple music. With their music, KENRON, makes a style of Hip-Hop with beats that cater to the Caribbean culture. KENRON plans to influence the youth through positive stories and words that they can relate to, as well as make good music to have fun with. They have new music on the way and you can get to know them below!

How would you describe your style of talent?

Our style of talent is melodic, real, passionate, and in a way awkward. We love melodies and the way certain notes make us feel. Everything we speak in our music is real. We don’t rap about lambos and mansions and models unless we had them. We try to be as authentic as possible. In a sense, we have an awkward style as far as our flow and our dances. Were not perfect human beings, and we cant move and rap like everyone else. And we know we aren’t the only ones that feel that way. As our music grows and develops, our style matures into something even more special. It’s just going to take constant hard work and progress in our craft.

What are your short-term goals?

Other than working with artists in our city, there are no real short-term goals. Everything we do is looking two years into the distance. This keeps us working overdrive every single day. Gotta dream big to achieve big.

What Sets your Brand aside from the rest in your words? 

Were twins. We’ve experienced a lot in life and still broke the odds to be the first men to graduate college in the family. I don’t know any other twins that have the talent and drive we have. We never settled for a 9 to 5. And we want to bring our intellect and knowledge from life to the world that corresponds with our story. Our mother was born on Martin Luther King’s birthday. Our father was born on Malcolm x’s birthday. We knew we would be different.

Do you have any other desires or goals you would like to achieve? 

While making a name for ourselves in the music industry, we want to branch that off to a few other things. The music will allow us to have a name for ourselves. Once we have a name we can drop our books, provide public speaking, and get into acting in movies, and create our own tequila. Gotta be diverse in what we do, just like Drake, 50 cent, and Jay z.

How long have you been in the industry?

Not long. We started taking music seriously in December of 2020. So I’m not sure if that even qualifies us to be a part of the industry. We have to make ourselves well known to earn the title of being in the industry.

What are some of your favorite highlights/memories that you have from being in the industry? 

When we did our second performance in a club it was a movie. People we didn’t know were singing our song, women screaming, it felt like we were superstars already. Older women telling us their children listen to our song every day. Children running up to us in the mall to take pictures. Definitely a great feeling.

Why is giving back to the community important when you have reached a point in your career where you are able to give back?

Giving back is important because the youth is the future. Most people are stuck in their ways after a certain age in their life. You give back to the youth because they’re mailable. They have the ability to change negative cultures and bad habits from generations that came before them. That’s the only way we will see a better future. most wealthy people give back because it’s in human nature to want to provide and help after themselves.

What advice do you have to youth who want to pursue a career in music?

If music is your primary passion go for it! I would say stay true to yourself and sound, be unique and block out all the negativity that comes with it whether it’s from friends, family, and strangers. People will be negative towards your music and passion but just be fearless and stay out of the mix. it’s your life, do what makes your heart and soul happy.

If you are not passionate don’t try it. It’s a dirty game and it’s tough. We got snaked a few times already. Only fearless people can make it in this industry, but only with passion. Passions create a purpose for your life. So no matter what it must be pursued.

Instagram: kenron_roze

Instagram: kenron_kino

YouTube: kenron


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