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Kelly Rowland admits to going Broke at one point trying to keep up with everyone else: “I was rich broke”

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Kelly Rowland admits to going Broke at one point trying to keep up with everyone else: “I was rich broke”

By: Brittney O. Entertainment Editor

Thirty-nine year old Destiny’s Child singer, Kelly Rowland, admits during a recent interview with her pastor, Erwin McManus on the Mosaic platform that she is no longer managed by her husband, Tim. Rowland says that they made a mutual decision that they would no longer work together, but would continue focusing on being husband and wife instead — which she loves. During the 50-minute interview, she was very transparent in answering both personal and professional questions about her life.

“No one would believe this and actually this would be my first time talking about it, but I almost lost everything because I was so busy trying to keep up… Whether it was the look, whether it was the wardrobe, whether it was the car, whether it was the place… all of that silliness!”

“I was rich broke.”

Rowland confessed as she spoke about the different things that she went through at a point in her life. With a humble spirit and a smile she went on to explain that after a very real conversation with her best friend, she was advised to give back more and see watch what could happen. That’s where everything began to change in a more positive direction. She said that the more she gave, her blessings began to double, as she continued to practice her faith by sowing seeds while also driving her husband and business manager insane.

“For what I gave I got back double. And I was like, this ain’t mine! It really isn’t mine.. it’s not my money! And that’s how I see it. It’s not mine and it’s like ‘God, I like this, I like that.. And I know I’ve got expensive taste so I’ve gotta be careful here and here and here but he’s like… “I GOT YOU.”

The beautiful mother and wife speaks passionately on how much she loves to give now.

Are you surprised that Kelly was going broke trying to keep up?

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