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Kanye West Suddenly Announces That He’s Running For President in 2020 Election

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Kanye West Suddenly Announces That He’s Running For President in 2020 Election

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer

Kanye West has been very political over the last few years as he’s sadly shown allegiance to Donald Trump and MAGA. He’s also pondered on the idea of running for president. Now, it appears that that is officially happening as he took to Twitter on Saturday night to reveal that it’ll be in this current presidential election.

“We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future,” said West on Twitter “I am running for president of the United States! #2020VISION.”

Twitter was immediately surprised as many believe this is a horrible decision while others sadly may cast ballots for him. In the end, this may just be another marketing scheme for West. He already told GQ in April that he’s voting for Trump this year. West becoming president would be just as bad as Trump winning a second term. When West initially supported Trump in 2018, he also made the controversial statement that slavery was a choice, which led many people to rightfully wanting to cancel him.

This announcement also comes after releasing his new song with Travis Scott this week titled “Wash Us In The Blood.” The music video has since accumulated over 7,600,000 views. Hopefully, West sticks to music and finally stops trying to enter politics after this year.

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