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Kanye West is Reportedly Undecided, on Running For President Again, in 2024

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Kanye West is Reportedly Undecided, on Running For President Again, in 2024

Last summer, the world was very surprised after Kanye West made an announcement on Twitter that he would be running for president in the 2020 election. At the time though, he had missed many deadlines to be able to file paperwork for this. West was eventually able to get on 12 states’ ballots and for others, was kicked off the ballots due to invalid signatures.

West did end up being able to receive over 60,000 votes in total though, which was viewed by many as wasted ballots casted. Joe Biden ended up winning the election comfortably and now, there are already discussions about who may run in 2024. Donald Trump could possibly do so again and now, West may as well, too.

According to a letter issued to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) obtained by Fox News, West responded to a Request for Further Information (RFAI) regarding the possible candidacy for president in 2024. As of now, he doesn’t know if he will make another run at the White House. No paperwork will be filed until West truly knows what he wants to do regarding the 2024 presidential run.

“Kanye West has not decided whether to become a candidate for president in the 2024 election. And that the activity of the Kanye 2020 committee that prompted this RFAI is strictly exploratory.”

Currently, West is also going through his divorce with Kim Kardashian. This was initially announced at the top of January, but paperwork wasn’t filed until mid-February. Their marriage started to really go downhill after a South Carolina presidential rally in July 2020, where West revealed that the two discussed getting an abortion back in 2012, before their daughter, North, was born,

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