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Kanye West changes title of “Theraflu” single

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Kanye West changes title of “Theraflu” single

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Once again, Kanye West is the center of attention. Since Watch the Throne, Kanye West had been out of the spotlight. But, with another new album in the works, West recently released his new single, “Theraflu.” The song confirmed three years’ worth of rumors about Kanye West being romantically involved with Kim Kardashian. Since the release of the song, the longtime “friends” have been making many public appearances.

“Theraflu” quickly became a fan favorite, with the song being the source of numerous headlines about the love life of Kanye West. Lyrically, many were impressed with the bars Kanye West dropped on the new single. Those not impressed, however, were the actual cough medicine company, Theraflu, who did not want their name associated with the track, and PETA, who were upset with Kanye West’s lyrics about his mink.

Def Jam recently released a statement about “Theraflu,” revealing Kanye West has decided to change the title of the track to “Way Too Cold.” Coming with the title change has come a change in artwork, from a bottle of Theraflu, to a topless female body wearing a mink. The song still features DJ Khaled.

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