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Juicy J to premiere “Gotta New One” music video Tonight at 7:00 pm

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Juicy J to premiere “Gotta New One” music video Tonight at 7:00 pm

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Rappers come and go, out of nowhere, stars are born and then forgotten less than a year later. In 2010, Wiz Khalifa shot to fame and there were those who felt he would join the list of one-hit-wonders. By 2011, many felt they were right, when Wiz Khalifa waited nearly six months to drop another single. But, he proved them wrong when it, “Roll Up,” also became a hit.

Even with the hit singles, a successful album, and a strong following on the streets, many still doubted Wiz Khalifa. Some even criticized him for dating Amber Rose, the ex-girlfriend of Kanye West. Luther Campbell, of 2 Live Crew fame, said rappers do not date other rappers’ exes. Wiz Khalifa has continued to do what works for him in all of this. Full of surprises, he added Three Six Mafia emcee, Juicy J, to his Taylor Gang label. Signing a veteran emcee gave a sense of legitimacy to Wiz Khalifa’s movement.

Since signing with Taylor Gang, Juicy J has released several songs and music videos. The move to Taylor Gang has bode well for the veteran Tennessee rapper, as he has been introduced to an entirely different, younger, audience. Juicy J will continue to cater to this audience, as he has another video in the works. A little under seven hours from now, Juicy J will premiere his “Gotta New One” music video at 7:00 pm.

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