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Joe Budden is a wanted man after beating his girlfriend?

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Joe Budden is a wanted man after beating his girlfriend?

Joe Budden 21By Fio Borrelli
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Throughout his career, Joe Budden has proven one thing time and time again, he can have any woman he wants. Only naming a few, Somaya Reece, Tahiry Jose, and Esther Baxter are among the women who have dated Joe Budden. The latter of the three spoke on Joe Budden being an abusive lover, however.

All types of rumors have emerged about Joe Budden’s romantic life over the years. A part of it comes from him having relationships with such sexy women and another part comes from him being famous. With all this has come all types of rumors, but several people have backed up the abuse rumors.

Media Takeout reported this morning about Joe Budden physically assaulting his latest girlfriend. After she found out about him cheating with strippers, she took off to enjoy time with friends. Hanging out in the club and being around other guys infuriated Joe Budden who tracked her down and beat her.

See the photos of the beaten lady below:

abused1abused2 abused3 abused4

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