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Jimmy Henchman hires lawyer, Gerald Shargel

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Jimmy Henchman hires lawyer, Gerald Shargel

By The Hip Hop Writer
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Under usual circumstances, Jimmy Henchman remains behind the scenes. Henchman is behind the careers of Game and Ray J, among other talents. This summer, however, it was revealed all of this was a front for Jimmy Henchman’s cocaine ring, which generated $10 million a year.

Being brought up on drug charges did not stop Jimmy Henchman from maintaining his innocence. The troubled mogul said he had no parts of the operation. Soon, Dexter Isaac, a former employee, revealed he was the one who shot Tupac Shakur in 1994. He only shot him because he was unable to rob the iconic rapper.

While Dexter Isaac’s confession is not doing anything to help Jimmy Henchman’s case, it has no effect on his current charges. However, a recent raid on one of his properties revealed Henchman owned a machine gun and a silencer. Now, with those charges mounting, Jimmy Henchman has decided to bring in more legal counsel. Recently, Jimmy Henchman hired Gerald Shargel, who has represented John Gotti, and he famously defended Irv Gotti and Murder Inc. Records from money laundering charges in 2005.

Speaking on represeting Jimmy Henchman, Gerald Shargel said this is his type of case and he is honored to be defending Henchman. Shargel is honored to represent Henchman, but the mogul is facing 30 years of prison, based simply off the gun charges. For heading up the cocaine ring, Jimmy Henchman is facing a life sentence in prison. Assistant US Attorney, Todd Kaminsky, showed how Henchman used music crates to ship cocaine across the United States.

Interscope Records was also under investigation, as it was assumed Jimmy Henchman was running his organization through their Los Angeles offices. However, last week, Interscope Records was cleared from the investigation. Jimmy Iovine discussed the matter, saying Interscope Records has never had any type of ties to organized crime. While Jimmy Iovine is free from the investigation, other members of Henchman’s organization have been revealed, such as his brother Kesnar Rosemond.

Jimmy Henchman worked with a number of businesses, including an unnamed New York City car dealership. He was also suspected of shipping his products through Rock-It Cargo, with them being a knowing partner. There are also a number of FedEx accounts that have been opened in Jimmy Henchman’s name. While Jimmy Henchman continues to fight for his innocence, his brother, Kesnar, has pled guilty and is cooperating with the law enforcement.

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