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Jerry Heller claims Eazy-E had plans to kill Suge Knight

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Jerry Heller claims Eazy-E had plans to kill Suge Knight

Jerry HellerBy The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Because of the way Death Row Records was depicted in several articles and documentaries, it looked like Suge Knight was the biggest gangster of them all. But, many forget Eazy-E and his activities before rap. Eazy-E was a notorious hustler from Compton and originated the “fuck the police” movement.

However, Eazy-E ended up being depicted as a pushover before his death in the story of the Ruthless Records/Death Row Records feud. Those aware of the business side of things already know Eazy-E still made much money off Death Row Records. Deep down to his core, Eazy-E was still a ruthless gangster.

Recently, Jerry Heller reflected back to a conversation Eazy-E had when he contemplated killing Suge Knight. During this conversation, Jerry Heller said Eazy-E said Suge Knight was going to be a problem and that he should kill him. Jerry Heller talked him out of it, reminding Eazy-E of the money they were making, reportedly $10 million monthly.

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