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Jeezy is still Young

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Jeezy is still Young

JeezyA few months ago, news broke of Young Jeezy shortening his name to simply Jeezy. He was credited on Rihanna’s “Hard” as simply Jeezy. Even executives from Def Jam had said the rapper changed his name. It was said that most people refer to him by nothing more than Jeezy anyway, so they did it for the fans.

With Thug Motivation 103 coming out before the end of the year, it was said to be the first album from Jeezy. This would not have been the first name change by the rapper. Long before his days with Def Jam, he used to go by the name Lil’ J. He would release two albums under this name.

However, when he signed with Bad Boy South with Boyz in da Hood, he was named Young Jeezy. When he signed to Def Jam only months later, he went by Young Jeezy. His past three albums have been released under the Young Jeezy moniker and it is going to be this way for a long time to come.

Young Jeezy said he does not know where this story has come from, but he has no plans of changing his name for anyone. Rihanna was the one who decided to credit him as Jeezy for “Hard,” but this does not mean his name is going to change. When Thug Motivation 103 does come out, the album will be the fourth studio album released by Young Jeezy.

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