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Jarren Benton will join Rittz on his “The Life and Times” tour [PHOTO]

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Jarren Benton will join Rittz on his “The Life and Times” tour [PHOTO]

Jarren BentonBy Stranga The Great
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Atlanta rapper, Jarren Benton, has had plenty of success over the past couple of years and he has continued to rise. Ever since Jarren Benton signed with Funk Volume, his career has been on the fast track. This summer, Jarren Benton peaked with the release of his debut album, My Grandma’s Basement.

Since then, Jarren Benton has continued working on a few new projects. Soon, there should be word on when Jarren Benton will release his next project. But, overall, the entire Funk Volume crew is having a strong run of success and Jarren Benton is a big reason for this.

Recently, Jarren Benton revealed some major news in regards to the music he already has out. Soon, fans will have the opportunity to see Jarren Benton performing live, as he will be touring. Jarren Benton will soon join Rittz on his tour, “The Life and Times” tour starting on October 31.

See “The Life and Times” tour flyer below:

Jarren Benton tour

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