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James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond drug trial day 9: Winston Harris testifies

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James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond drug trial day 9: Winston Harris testifies

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Over the past few years, James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond caught the attention of law enforcement, while building a legacy as one of the most-successful managers in urban entertainment. According to the charges stacked up against the entertainment mogul, his Czar Entertainment, home to Game, Brandy, and many other big names, was simply a front for his cocaine ring. Jimmy Henchman was said to have run drugs through various places, including the offices of Interscope Records in Los Angeles.

Once the warrant for Jimmy Henchman’s arrest was released, those who worked for the mogul began to turn on him. Even an employee from the 1990s, Dexter Isaac, reported he was paid $2,500 to shoot Tupac Shakur in 1994 at Quad Studios in New York City. Many other employees have come forward with stories about Jimmy Henchman, who is reported to be one of the biggest modern-day crime figures in history.

Another former employee, Winston Harris, has been cooperating with law enforcement since his 2010 arrest. Harris purchased narcotics, arranged shipments, and loaned drug money to other members of the organization. When he was caught by law enforcement, Winston Harris agreed to wear a video wire in his baseball cap. Upon putting the hat on, the government was able to listen in on Jimmy Henchman’s conversation with organization member, Jason Williams. On the ninth day of Jimmy Henchman’s drug trial, a portion of this video was played, along with some audio. Winston Harris was a key member of the operation and listened in on many important meetings.

After Jimmy Henchman was arrested, many said he was responsible for the death of Tony Yayo’s friend. Winston Harris revealed he purchased firearms for Jimmy Henchman, who told him to give them to a man named Rodney “Torae” Johnson. Both Johnson, along with a man named Brian McLeod were arrested for the murder of Lowell “Lodi Mac” Fletcher. Tony Yayo and friends reportedly got into an altercation with Jimmy Henchman’s son in 2007. Due to their affiliation with Compton rapper, Game, Jimmy Henchman and his Czar company have had issues with G-Unit.

DEA Agent, Steven Miller, said he led the investigation against Jimmy Henchman since the 2008 arrest of Aaron Ferguson, which started the investigation. However, when another member of the organization, Muhammed “Teff” Stewart, was arrested, things began to move along much quicker. Immediately after he was arrested, Teff began cooperating with law enforcement calling Jimmy Henchman and other organization members while the government listened in. Teff, much like Winston Harris, has an agreement with the government and does not face charges or have to give up any drug money.

Gerald Shargel, Jimmy Henchman’s defense attorney, revealed it was actually Khalil Abdullah who paid for the firearms. The publicist for Jimmy Henchman said nothing has directly connected her client to this drug ring. So far, she says all they have are different people who have taped conversations with him.

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