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J. Cole talks about Harvard speeches with Jenny Boom Boom [AUDIO]

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J. Cole talks about Harvard speeches with Jenny Boom Boom [AUDIO]

J. Cole 6By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Hip hop has longtime come a long way since its early days. More than a movement, hip hop is a course now taught in universities. A lifestyle, many of the biggest rappers often frequent college campuses. Showing the growth of hip hop, there are several rappers who now boast college degrees, among them J. Cole.

Recently, J. Cole showed how far hip hop has come when he went to Harvard University, something highly unlikely a decade ago. Not only was J. Cole at Harvard, he was actually giving speeches to the students. J. Cole visiting Harvard has changed the way many view the art form that is hip hop.

Jenny Boom Boom talked to J. Cole and he spoke on everything he has going on. J. Cole crashed the internet and wowed his fans with “Power Trip,” which features Miguel. With the single out, J. Cole talked about his album, which he has been working on for over a year, along with Kendrick Lamar, and his Harvard speeches.

Listen to the entire interview below:

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