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Identical talk goals in the rap game, influences, being twins, and more

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Identical talk goals in the rap game, influences, being twins, and more

IdenticalBy The Hip Hop Writer
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In recent years, fascination with twins has dwindled, as there are now people having eight and ten children at once. Still, twins are amazing and remain one of mother nature’s more interesting products. Twins tend to do the same things until adulthood and many even wind up in the same profession, example: Horace and Harvey Grant, of the NBA.

However, the closest hip hop has come to twins have been Pusha T and No Malice, of The Clipse. On the mixtape scene, however, Identical has been doing their thing since 1991 and are still going strong. The twin duo is making major moves and appear to be on the cusp of mainstream stardom.

Working on several projects, Identical recently spoke to Hip Hop Vibe, telling the world about their hometown, Inkster, Michigan. During the interview, Identical’s duo of SJ and AJ talked about the moves they have made and their company, Neighborhood Music, which lives up to its literal name. Identical is definitely a duo to be on the lookout for in 2013.

Read the entire interview below:

Rapping since most of today’s current stars were infants, do you feel it will be difficult to gain mainstream success? SJ: I don’t think so; success is what you make it. As artists, we set goals and the success is in accomplishing those goals.

Though the musical styles are different, would you two compare your ambitions to those of 2 Chainz and Juicy J? SJ: We would compare our will to make it happen by never stopping what we are doing. When you be yourself like those artist and stick to that, the fans and game will recognize that and reward you for that.

While your styles have changed over time, in what ways do Ice Cube and Eazy-E still influence your music? AJ: Cube and Eazy influence the music still, because they laid the blueprint and foundation for what we are doing. Eazy as a CEO/boss and Cube of the lyrical content and grind, because Cube showed that no matter what happens in one situation to just keep it moving and grind harder and you will get what you want.

SJ: Also when you mention what NWA is to Compton, Identical is that to Inkster. Identical introduced the world to Inkster, MI like NWA introduced the world to Compton.

Can you two talk about the formation of Neighborhood Music? AJ: Neighborhood Music was formed in 2001 after we graduated High School because we always wanted to have our own record label, we have released five albums since then.

SJ: The goal is to make the situation bigger for Neighborhood Music and Identical. We see a company like Ice H20 Records and think of how dope it would be to become apart of a company ran by a legend, like Raekwon, due to the fact it’s a market for Identical.

What benefits have you two provided to your actual neighborhood with the company? SJ: We always provide any type of help that our city needs, we are spokesmen for our city and neighborhood, when you see us, you’re seeing Inkster.

Can you tell us more about the “More Identical” movement and the “Interstate Identical” web series? SJ: Our movement proves that hard work and being who you are, as a person, pays off. “Interstate Identical” is our web series that takes you to places that we go. It gives the viewers an inside look at what really takes place with us from shows to interviews, to awards shows. We do a lot and we feel the fans should see this as well.

Of course, your goal is to be the best twin duo in music history, while they are not twins, do you two ever take notes from The Clipse? AJ: The Clipse have strong brotherly bond, as we do, and that’s dope. Plus, they make great music, like we do, that’s definitely a collaboration that needs to happen.

With over two decades invested in rap music, what has kept you guys going? SJ: The things that keep us going are simple, we know that our talent is a blessing and we have to use this blessing. Also, we have a lot of close friends and family with football numbers or letters and we have to show them the world to keep them going.

In the near future, what projects can fans expect to see you on? AJ: Right now, we are still pushing our last two projects Made in The 80s and Still Hostile Assassins the EP and, of course, we’re working on a new project. Our single, “Fannin’ Wit Da Money,” is picking up some steam so were going all out with that. We also want to hit all the big festivals this year to like Paid Dues, A3C, and SXSW.

What are your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram links? AJ: Instagram AJSoldIt Twitter @moreidentical and you can also find all our social network links at

SJ: Our website, is everything IDENTICAL from music, videos, merchandise, links to purchase all our music and all our social networks and more.

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