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Hot 97 is changing format to pop/EDM? [VIDEO]

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Hot 97 is changing format to pop/EDM? [VIDEO]

Hot 97 logoBy Matthew Bridge
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Major shakeups have taken place within Hot 97, starting with the reality show and ending with Angie Martinez’ departure. Adding insult to injury, Angie Martinez joined rival station, Power 105.1. Many felt this was a signal of the overall end of Hot 97 as the world knows it.

DJ Cipha Sounds is all over Instagram promoting a major announcement he is making tomorrow. The announcement will take place at 3 pm and some speculate that this is him also changing stations. There has also been talk of Peter Rosenberg moving on.

Vivian Billings, of This Is 50 Radio, recently went on the air and she had some inside information on Hot 97. According to her, the end is near for Hot 97 as a hip hop station. Her sources tell her Hot 97 will not be a top 40/EDM-type station and that all the personalities will be leaving.

Watch the entire video below:

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