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Hip Hop Vibe’s Athlete of the Year: LeBron James

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Hip Hop Vibe’s Athlete of the Year: LeBron James

By Jay Rich
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

A lot of publications that cover sports are going to give LeBron James the Athlete of the Year. But, the reason he gets it here is because he delivered on his promise to Cleveland. What LeBron did, this year, was thirteen years in the making.

LeBron James’ history with the Cleveland Cavaliers has many ups-and-downs. But, LeBron James managed to build two legacies, which made it undeniable for his 2016 year. In 2010, LeBron left the Cavs for the Miami Heat, winning two titles, before leaving for Cleveland in 2014.

After a disappointing series against the Golden State Warriors, LeBron rallied the Cavs, this summer, against the 73-9 Warriors. He, not only, avenged the 2015 Finals loss, but beat the best team in NBA history. Then, if that wasn’t enough, beat the Warriors again, yesterday.

LeBron James in 2016’s Athlete of the Year and is only three years removed from his last Finals MVP with another team.

Watch highlights of LeBron James in the 2016 NBA Finals below:

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