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HHV Exclusive: Young Maylay talks “Grand Theft Auto V” and Los Angeles hip hop

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HHV Exclusive: Young Maylay talks “Grand Theft Auto V” and Los Angeles hip hop

Young MaylayBy The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Coming up from the streets of Los Angeles is as tough of a task as any. Young Maylay is a legend on these streets, working with everyone from Jayo Felony to Ice Cube. While the legendary status of Young Maylay is solidified in Los Angeles, those outside of the city may not be too familiar with him.

However, in the gaming world, Young Maylay is known as the voice of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas protagonist, Carl “CJ” Johnson. Close to a decade has passed since the video game was released, but fans are still eager for more from this storyline. Meanwhile, Young Maylay has focused back on his music.

Hip Hop Vibe was recently afforded the opportunity to speak to Young Maylay. During the interview, Young Maylay addressed the rumors of Grand Theft Auto V. With Los Angeles once again the focal point of the hip hop scene, Young Maylay spoke on the growth of the city and his upcoming projects.

Read the entire interview below:

First off, happy New Year, what are some of your plans for 2013? Finalizing a few business deals that have been on the table and putting this music out. It has been a long time since I released a project, but I have been on records from WC, Ice Cube, and SupaFly. Hog Tied and Duct-Taped is the name of the new album I plan to release in 2013.

With Grand Theft Auto V revisiting Los Santos, should fans expect you to reprise your role as ‘CJ?’ Not as far as I know, I have nothing to do with this game.

Are you even keeping up with the Grand Theft Auto scene anymore? Yeah. I am a fan of the game, I really played those things. I own San AndreasVice City, I do not own GTA IV, but I will own GTA V when it comes out.

How did your music career change after doing San AndreasI can’t say it really changed because it is not like I had music in the game. But, gaming fans have become fans of my music. Musically, I was never involved with them, but I have a new fan base thanks to them.

At one point, you were signed to Ice Cube’s Lench Mob Records, is this still the case? Actually, I was signed to WC’s Big Swang label, which is under Lench Mob. We push it all together, so it is Big Swang/Lench Mob. Yeah, we have a video coming out called “Hood Tour,” it’s me, WC, and All City. I had an album planned for 2012, but I delayed it because the quality was not up to par, so I am reworking things now. There is currently no release date set for it.

Should fans be expecting you to do more music with Ice Cube and WC this year? Well, I can’t say that. We are working on separate projects and at different studios. Right now, we are separate, so I cannot say for sure what will happen. With my material, I don’t even want them to hear it until it is ready for the streets. I want to impress WC every chance I get.

How do you feel about the recent success of Kendrick Lamar, Tyga, Tyler, the Creator, and the other “new West” artists? Shit, I feel good as hell. It does not have to be me, but let it be SOMEBODY from the West. Instead, of one person, it is several of these little niggas, so I tell them to push on little niggas. It is hard to get put on, especially, and that is definitely the case with the West and now they are gaining traction again. Now, the world can be updated to what Los Angeles is doing now and it is not all about gangbanging. They are not doing what we do, per say, but they are still doing it for the West Coast.

Would you entertain the thought of collaborating with those artists? Yeah. Why not? I don’t go after artists just because they are hot, but I would work with any of them just because they are from here. Everybody works with respective crews, but I am down to do something with those guys and even people from other areas. But, I owe the artists here before anybody else off top and no questions asked.

Who are some of your favorite current artists? I can’t really say favorites, but I will say all of the new dudes we talked about and the OGs, but I tune the bullshit out because I cannot relate to it. Music I can’t relate to, I can’t listen to it. That is like a scientist talking about science to me, I can’t hear that.

Do you have a Facebook and Twitter where fans can keep up with you? Follow me on Twitter @YoungMaylay. But, I don’t have a Facebook because the CIA runs that (laughs). But, I am on Instagram @mayleeno. Any other profiles you see me on are fake.

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