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HHV Exclusive: Turk talks prison release, comeback, Cash Money Records, and future plans

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HHV Exclusive: Turk talks prison release, comeback, Cash Money Records, and future plans

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Nostalgic 1990s hip hop fans are well aware of the impact Turk had on the rap game during his time on Cash Money Records with the Hot Boyz. Teamed up with Lil Wayne, B.G., and Juvenile, Turk was a part of the hottest movement in the game. Over time, situations occurred which led to the end of the run and all that was left were memories.

Turk, along with Juvenile and B.G., left Cash Money Records and began his solo career. Early in his run, however, Turk was faced with a minor setback that forced him to spend time in prison. When discussing rappers in prison, Turk was among the rappers mentioned. Fans anxiously awaited his release and they were excited when Turk finally came home.

Thrown back into the spotlight, Turk has been making his media rounds since his release from prison. Now back to work, Hip Hop Vibe had the pleasure of interviewing the former Hot Boy, discussing numerous topics. Turk discussed his prison release, his current comeback attempt, of course Cash Money Records, and some of his plans for the future.

Read the entire interview below:

Obviously feeling good to be free again, what was the first thing you did? I thanked God, took me a bubble bath and ate some chicken.

What was it like catching up with everyone again? It’s always good to have a reunion. But, I love getting the love and support from my inner circle, more than anything. My fiancee` welcomed me with open arms when I came out, that was the highlight of my day.

Were you surprised with how much the music changed? I wasn’t surprised. I have been following the music, watching BET and listening to the radio. Nothing has really changed, it’s just these youngsters in the game now.

Who are some of your favorite new artists? Right now, I’m feeling Meek Mill, Drake, Big Sean, Future, Yo Gotti, Don Trip, just to name a few. Anybody who is doing their own thing and creative, I fuck with.

Out of the newcomers, who do you see yourself working with? Man, everybody! Anybody who wants to work with me. When you put it out there, they aren’t who they claim to be. But, anyone out there who is real, we can definitely link up.

How does it feel to see how big Cash Money Records has become? Oh man. It’s all love, I salute them.

Previously, Lil Wayne, Juvenile, and B.G. said they were up for a Hot Boyz reunion, does the same go for you also? One thing is for sure, you can’t do the Hot Boyz without the four. I am back, sure, but now B.G. is in prison, the Hot Boyz cannot be done without the entire four.

When is your next project coming? I am going to give the fans an early Christmas present, Blame It on the System. I am also working on my new book. You’ll be hearing a lot for me in the future.

Who are some of the people you will definitely be working with? Oh man. I have to say, I have reached out to Rocko, Gunplay, Alley Boy, Don Trip, Mack Maine, Mystikal, the whole Young Money, everybody in the game. I respect everyone doing their thing and I’m sure they respect me. We are all going to get it in there.

Are you currently considering record labels to sign with? Yeah man, I am in talks with a whole lot of people off the record. They know who they are and when they come with the check, it’s on. I don’t turn down anything but my collar if the deal is right. One more thing, follow me on Twitter @TurkMrYNT and Instagram @Turk_Emani.

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