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HHV Exclusive: Ronn Makk talks 2 Chainz, The Real University, and solo work

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HHV Exclusive: Ronn Makk talks 2 Chainz, The Real University, and solo work

Ronn MakkBy The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

On countless 2 Chainz records, fans often hear him exclaim “TRU” and even incorporated the phrase into his album, Based on a T.R.U. Story. However, there are very few who know the meaning behind the phrase. 2 Chainz signed a joint venture with Def Jam in 2011 for the formation of his label, The Real University (TRU).

Establishing himself as a solo star, 2 Chainz is now focusing on his company in 2013. At times, last year, 2 Chainz showed the world Cap1. The Real University also consists of another artist, Ronn Makk. In 2013, 2 Chainz is dedicating more of his focus to the artists within his crew.

While Ronn Makk is working with one of the hottest rappers in the game, he is making his own moves toward stardom. Hip Hop Vibe had the opportunity to talk to Ronn Makk and he discussed some things. Ronn Makk talked about 2 Chainz, The Real University, and his upcoming solo projects.

Read the entire interview below:

How long have you been working with 2 Chainz? Well, I moved to Atlanta five years ago. I happened to move down to Atlanta the same time as Cap1, who had been down with 2 Chainz for ten years. But, it has been a friendship and a family before the actual business.

What advice has he passed along to you? Just watching him turn up his whole campaign from Playaz Circle, Duffle Bag Boyz, and then the T.R.U. movement. Everything he does from the music, recording, and the videos is very professional. 2 Chainz is a real businessman and you learn by watching him. One thing that does stick out is him saying “it’s really for the strong” and that goes to the heart because it is so true.

Can you tell us more about The Real University? Yeah, that is the squad, the whole gang mixed into one. It is like a school, 2 Chainz is the professor, Cap1 is a senior, and then you have the freshmen and the sophomores. I consider myself a freshman, as I am still learning. We have a lot of Duffle Bag Boyz in the movement, Team Hustle, everyone. Now, we are just trying to finish school so we can teach.

What type of relationship do you and Cap1 have? That’s my brother, he is like my big brother. I always say I am a fan first, we are all fans. I purchased Cap1’s first fan because I am a fan of Chicago music. When I moved to Atlanta, we had a lot of the same friends and we always hung out. Cap1 taught me how to do this music thing from the music to the networking. Without my brother, mentor, he helped me do everything. That’s my partner, no homo, but I look up to him and I do not make decisions without Cap’s advice.

How do you feel about his recent success? Oh man! I am proud of him and I have been listening to him since his first album dropped. I have watched him drop mixtapes, videos, do tours, it is a blessing and I am very proud of Cap1.

When is your solo project coming out? Well, I had originally planned to drop it in March. I have a lot of songs I am playing for people, so I will most likely release my project in April. There are a lot of projects coming out, Cap’s mixtape just dropped and the upcoming T.R.U. mixtape is coming. But, my Science & Industry tape is coming around March or April.

On your Twitter, there are photos of Verse Simmonds and Lil Reese, is there a chance you will be working with them? Verse Simmonds and Cap1 have a close relationship and I have been present in their studio sessions, we might be working together. Lil Reese is a homie from Chicago and we were chilling, there is a chance we may do something later. But, there might very well be some Ronn Makk, GBE music in the works, I will reach out and get collaborations with some of those guys because I love their movement. Lil Reese will have songs featured on Cap1’s tape, along with Lil Durk.

You are working with DJ YRS Jerzy, can you talk about that? Oh yeah. I have much love with DJ YRS Jerzy. He is one of those DJs who are under the radar. One thing I learned from 2 Chainz is to work with rising DJs, which is what I did. I have been working with DJ YRS Jerzy for a long time, he hosted my first mixtape and hopefully we will be doing more work in the future, much love to that dude.

Outside of the camp, who are some other people you are working with? A couple of Chicago rappers, Peachve, L-Streetz, who is one of Shawnna’s artists, within the camp, a lot of the Duffle Bag Boyz. As far as production, we have M16, who produced Young Jeezy’s “I Do,” and Playaz Circle’s “Duffle Bag Boyz, Big Herc, one of our in-house producers, and, Ty Cutta, along with many others.

How can people who want to talk or collaborate with you get in contact? On every social network, just look up Ronn Makk, I kept it very simple. Reach out and we can do some things because I am open to everything and all types of genres and I am always looking for beats too.

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