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HHV Exclusive: Roc & Yella talk “Wide Open” single success and new project, “Ain’t No Loyalty”

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HHV Exclusive: Roc & Yella talk “Wide Open” single success and new project, “Ain’t No Loyalty”

Roc & Yella

By DJ YRS Jerzy
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

There is currently a duo in the South already dominating the game, but soon they will have to move over. Back in the fall, Roc & Yella released their single, “Wide Open,” which is taking over the internet. As the song reaches viral success, the group is gaining more attention.

Roc & Yella are making big strides in the game and they are relatively local acts. The duo comes from South Carolina and they are helping bring more attention to the growing scene. There is a lot of momentum building for the duo, as they prepare their next project.

Hip Hop Vibe had the chance to talk to Roc & Yella and they opened up about their upcoming work. They reflected on the success of their “Wide Open” single and revealed a new project coming up. Next for them is Ain’t No Loyalty, which will be presented by DJ Burn One and DJ B Lord.

Read the entire interview below:

Can you talk about the success of the “Wide Open” single? Roc: I’d say this song just took off in one club in our city and it’s working. We put in the force behind it and it’s moving. Yella: Basically, we were doing what we do in the studio and then we made it. The streets grabbed on to it and it has done good since then, “Wide Open.”

Being from a market like South Carolina, do you feel pressure to succeed? Roc: I don’t feel like it’s pressure, because we do good work, I don’t feel pressure. Yella: I somewhat do feel there is pressure, because when you’re at home, you put more pressure on yourself. Because, everyone knows you, you are trying to transform into something bigger.

Who are some people you guys looked up to? Yella: We had an older brother, who passed in 2006, with whom we really looked up to. Roc: I agree, he gave us that extra passion and spark we have.

Would you guys consider putting a project out to case the project? Yella: Yeah, we have a project coming out called Ain’t No Loyalty, with DJ Burn One and DJ B Lord.

Where can we find you guys on Facebook and Twitter: Twitter @RocandYella. Facebook is ‘Roc & Yella.’

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