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HHV Exclusive: Maffew Ragazino talks New York hip hop, DJ Clark Kent, “White Gold,” and more

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HHV Exclusive: Maffew Ragazino talks New York hip hop, DJ Clark Kent, “White Gold,” and more

Maffew RagazinoBy The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

This past week, DJ Junior has covered the New York hip hop scene with Artists to Know (NYC Edition). An interesting list of talent, an artist anyone who considers themselves fans of New York hip hop in 2013 needs to know Maffew Ragazino. A representative of Brooklyn, Maffew Ragazino is taking the game by storm.

Those who follow hip hop on the internet should be well acquainted with Maffew Ragazino. Over the past two years, Maffew Ragazino has been featured all over the hip hop websites. Early last year, Maffew Ragazino even appeared on MTV, doing a freestyle for the network.

Maffew Ragazino is one of the hottest Brooklyn emcees. Hip Hop Vibe had the opportunity to talk to Sr. During the interview, Maffew Ragazino talked about the resurgence of New York hip hop, his relationship with DJ Clark Kent, and he has a surprise in store with his White Gold album.

Read the entire interview below:

How do you feel about this new wave of hip hop in New York? I’m personally excited about the current energy in the city of New York’s hip hop scene right now. I’m happy to play a part in it. I feel fortunate that my name is mentioned when discussions arise regarding up and coming artist in this gigantic city. This is history in the making happening before us.

Making your own name on the Brooklyn scene, who has been your favorite collaboration so far? If I had to choose one record as my favorite collaboration, I’d choose “BK Accent.” How everything from the song to the video even happened was so organic and left field. Overall, it was an awesome experience. One of my best videos in my opinion. And who would’ve thought that they’d hear a record about women when Skyzoo and I did a record.

Can you tell us about your relationship with DJ Clark Kent? My relationship with DJ Clark Kent is deeper than music. That’s my OG. I can call him anytime for any type of insight or advice. Life or whatever. And one thing I can always say about him, he’s been one of the people that I know that never changed. Rare. Real. He’s been a great help to my career and still is to this day.

Seeing how far you have come, do you get surprised to see yourself on TV and all over the internet? It’s amazing. It’s unreal. It’s really a dream come true. I love it. But then reality hits. I need to do more. I’m very blessed and very appreciative, but I’m not satisfied. I will continue to work hard and work smart until I’m at the next destination I’d like to be. And when I get there, I won’t stop. I will strive for more. The grind never stops. The hustle never stops.

When do you think you will release the White Gold album? The White Gold album will never drop. I’ve grown out of that title. I had an epiphany one random day to go with the title Sr. It just makes more sense. The people will get that late summer for sure.

Troy Ave is already featured on the “Box Office Smash,” who else do you have on the project? as far as features for the next project, the family of course. Spazz One and Steady Fam, my Worldwide Paper Gang brothers. My man Michael Hurtt and the homie SRH will be on there. There won’t be a lot of features though, just Sr. mostly.

As far as production, who do you have on White Gold? As far as production, Vinyl Frontiers definitely. Marc Inf, Alex Lustig, Ecks, Aaron Paige aka AP, and Paul Mighty just to name a few. Rest assured, I got some serious tunes on this record. Trust.

Would you prefer to stay independent or would you consider signing to a major? The situation depends on what makes the most sense and what makes me feel the most comfortable. Either way, indie or major, I still have to hustle. And that is exactly what my team and I will continue to do without a doubt.

Your buzz is very strong, have labels already expressed interest? Yes. I’m still building though. I know my worth and until I get offered what I’m worth, I will keep grinding.

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