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HHV Exclusive: L!Z talks “Bounce” and “Gold Rel!gion” mixtape

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HHV Exclusive: L!Z talks “Bounce” and “Gold Rel!gion” mixtape

Mike Ho / oneSHOTmike / oneSHOTmediaBy The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Over the past few months, a guy named L!Z has been popping up on the internet on songs with many of hip hop’s biggest names. Only naming a few, L!Z has appeared on tracks with veteran Los Angeles rapper, Kurupt, and recently Problem and Iamsu! The latter two have made a formidable duo.

Back in April, L!Z released his Gold Rel!gion mixtape, which has done very well for him in getting his name out more. Among the tracks featured on the new project is “Bounce,” which L!Z remixed. Wanting to have two major up-and-comers on the record, L!Z thought it was a no-brainer to have Problem and Iamsu!

Hip Hop Vibe talked more in-depth to L!Z about this choice and about the “Bounce” single overall. As the interview progressed, L!Z talked about the other tracks on his mixtape and some of his other work. L!Z is definitely a hip hop artist that is full of surprises.

Read the entire interview below:

First off, how did you put together your Gold Rel!gion mixtape? I guess you can count it as something I just really wanted to do and put out for my fans and my city at the end of the day. I wanted to give the city some quality music. The Gold Religion title isn’t necessarily about gold chains and jewelry, it is more about my passion and just expecting nothing less than the best.

Who are some of the features on the tape? The mixtape features a few of the homies I met along my journey, including Jonn Hart, Kurupt, HBK P-Lo, Fashawn, Planet Asia, Baeza, Prince Sole, and my bro The Kid Ryan. With production from Club Crushers, IAMSU!, Dreem Teem, DJ Montay, Draft, J Maine, and CiDI.

Why did you decide to remix the “Bounce” single? I remixed it for the most part because I thought it was dope all these artist started shooting over 16s. They supported the record and wanted to help it expand.

When you were thinking of the remix features, were Problem and Iamsu! the first people to come to mind? I wasn’t really thinking about doing a remix at first. Then, I thought it would be cool to do a Northern California, Central Cal, SoCal edition of “Bounce” with the up-and-coming artists I saw putting on.

How did you link up with those guys? Me and Iamsu! became cool a little while back. I meet him in San Francisco at a music meeting and we got in the lab and worked on some material. Problem showed love when I reached out.

Do you see yourself working with them on future projects? Most definitely. They are doing their own thing with their movements and so am I, but it’s never nothing to link up!

Are you pleased with the overall results of your mixtape? Actually, I got mixed feelings about it. My fans crashed the hosting site in the first 5 mins, but it was only up for four days before I took it down to clear some issues. I actually plan on re-dropping the project as a deluxe edition with all the remixes I have done and some newer material. Stay tuned!

Have you begun the process of shooting any music videos for some tracks off the mixtape? I’ve already shot a couple videos off of it. We’re working on the right way to push it out to the media and the fans. Y’all gotta stay tuned!

Which songs are personal favorites of yours? Man, I actually don’t really have clear favorites off the project. I really didn’t want to put a project out with two or three songs that I felt were strong or people will cling too. Fan favorites though have been “Trill,” “Ballin,” “Strip,” and “Coolin!”

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