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HHV Exclusive: Luke Christopher talks “Life Jackets,” Los Angeles, and music style

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HHV Exclusive: Luke Christopher talks “Life Jackets,” Los Angeles, and music style

Luke ChristopherBy DJ Louie Styles
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Right now, the Los Angeles hip hop scene is enduring multiple changes. These changes have taken Los Angeles from being an overlooked hip hop scene to being one of the hottest cities out. The emergence of guys like Luke Christopher has helped the scene to emerge successfully.

Luke Christopher made a major splash earlier this year, when he released his “Life Jackets” single. This song was one of the most-popular tracks to hit the internet and it has done well. The song has now gotten fans eager to hear what comes next from him, such as when Luke Christopher will release his new album.

Recently, Luke Christopher took time out to speak to Hip Hop Vibe and he spoke on his recent success. First, Luke Christopher gave his opinion on the Los Angeles hip hop scene and the West Coast. He also spoke on “Life Jackets,” his music style, and when his next project will drop.

Read the entire interview below:

For so long, the Los Angeles hip hop scene was typecast by gangsta rap, what do you think the best thing about artists like you and Kendrick Lamar have done to change this stereotype? I think the biggest thing about LA and all hip hop is that people are coming from all different types of places with all different types of sound. Now, you have to be dope in your own way and that is what is happening in LA. We have now made our own new defining sound from the city and it is no longer just gangsta rap.

Although your music is a bit more evolved than earlier generations of Los Angeles hip hop, would you say you were at least partially inspired by some of the gangsta rap legends? Absolutely. I think that as a student of hip hop, you have to respect all kinds of hip hop. All Eyez on Me from Tupac was my first hip hop album, so having those guys – and Pac was evolved, too, he was a poet. I try to bring all of that to my music as well.

Currently, you are pushing this new single, “Life Jackets,” can you tell the people a little bit about this single? Yeah. It’s cool, because I produced the whole thing, because I’m both singing and rapping. This is something different than the stuff that plays on the radio. It was conceptual and metaphorical and it was a good way to introduce me to the population. With so many dope records, it was good to have this one come out first with me singing and rapping.

The music video recently came out and it received a lot of good feedback, what were you going for, conceptually with this visual? I just wanted to be artistic and not so lyrical. The song is so metaphorical that you could easily throw a life jacket in it and leave it as that. But, we wanted to film in places that had never been filmed in and use angles to make it look differently.

Recently, the game has gone back to a more melodic style that has made it a bit easier for guys like you to be embraced, why do you feel the game tends to go back to embracing a more melodic sing/rap style every few years? Honestly, I think the melodic side is always around, but I think mainstream kind of changes. But, I don’t think there have been rappers outside of Lauryn Hill and Bone Thugs who really embraced it. But, when an artist is really talented, they can pull it off and make it sound wonderful, something like Pharrell, they keep bringing that hip hop vibe to it. Even down to the rapper who couldn’t sing trying to sing, it brings something to hip hop.

When should fans expect Luke Christopher to release his debut album? The top of 2015.

Can you let the people know where to find you on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? Facebook is Luke Christopher, Twitter is @LukeChrisMuzic, and Instagram is @AyLukeChristopher.

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