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HHV Exclusive: Lil Lody talks producing for Young Jeezy, Yo Gotti, and others and the celebrity life

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HHV Exclusive: Lil Lody talks producing for Young Jeezy, Yo Gotti, and others and the celebrity life

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

While his face may not be familiar, Lil Lody’s music definitely is. Among the songs produced by Lil Lody include Young Jeezy’s “OJ,” which features Fabolous and Jadakiss, and most recently on Yo Gotti’s CM7: The World is Yours. Suddenly, the Memphis producer is becoming a force in the rap game.

Over the past year, Lil Lody has risen to stardom for his beats, comparable to the likes of Billionaire Boyscout and Lex Luger. While their beats have made their way around the industry, Lil Lody instead has dominated the South. Even with his clientele being primarily based in the South, Lil Lody has also supplied beats to Diddy.

Hip Hop Vibe recently spoke to Lil Lody about his production history. Lil Lody talked about the beats he made for Yo Gotti and Young Jeezy. Becoming a favored beatsmith by some of rap’s biggest names, Lil Lody can also be spotted hanging out with the big names. During his conversation with Hip Hop Vibe, Lil Lody would also discuss this.

Read the entire interview below:

When did you begin making beats? I started making beats when I was fourteen/fifteen, around that time.

Looking at how far you have come, did you believe you would ever get to this point? They said dreams come true if you stay grinding. I thought I was going to be big, but I never knew it would be this big.

Were you surprised when Young Jeezy reached out to you? Of course, anybody would have. For him to reach out, it surprised me and it changed my life. Young Jeezy and I have a brotherly relationship, as opposed to that of simply an artist and a producer.

How did you feel about the strong reaction to the “OJ” single? I thought that was pretty cool. We took our time with it and he was in and out of the studio when I made the beat. But, when he heard it, it took him to a different mood. When you hear the song, you close your eyes and paint the picture.

Do you think you will be producing for Fabolous or Jadakiss in the future? Most likely. Me and Fab have a cool relationship, we communicate. I don’t really talk to Jadakiss though.

What is it like working with Diddy? We weren’t in the studio together, we never personally met. I have been around him before, but we have never actually spoken to each other.

Being a Memphis guy, what was it like getting to work with Yo Gotti? Oh man! That’s my dawg, it was all love right there. Our chemistry is crazy every time we link together. Any time me and Yo Gotti come together, it is going to be classic.

Aside from getting to hang out with big names, what are some of the perks that come from producing hits? You get a lot of money, I know that for sure, well at least for me. From my experience, I get a lot of money and all that comes with it. Then, you get a strong, loyal, fan base. Also, the gold and platinum plaques. There is a lot that comes with this.

How do you feel about the current success of other producers, such as Billionaire Boyscout and Lex Luger? It’s all love. I don’t know them personally, I know them through music. From my standpoint, it’s all love. I was raised to support everyone and they both make great records and I wish them more success.

Do you hit up the industry parties often? Sometimes. Not all the time. I go out, but I am really more of a person who keeps to myself. But, when I am invited, I do show up.

Where are some of your favorite hangout spots? I got a private mansion in my hometown, my studio, and I might hit up the strip clubs every now and again.

How does it feel to suddenly be one of the biggest producers in the game? This is a dream come true because many don’t make it this far. Hard work pays off, if you believe it and dream it, then work for it, it can definitely happen.

If you are allowed to tell, who are some of the people you will be working with in the future? I got more stuff with Jeezy, Yo Gotti, Plies, his new album. I have a lot of artists, a lot of artists.

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