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HHV Exclusive: Kara Allison talks being a video vixen and modeling in the hip hop industry

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HHV Exclusive: Kara Allison talks being a video vixen and modeling in the hip hop industry

By Lady Killa
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Four years ago, the hip hop world was caught with their respective mouths open when Kara Allison made her debut. At the time, Kara Allison was not quite sold on doing modeling. But, right out of high school, Lil Wayne chose her to star in his “Mrs. Officer” music video.

With the song already a hit, the music video circulated several television networks. Suddenly, Kara Allison was famous and any doubts in her mind about modeling were gone. Kara Allison has gone on to appear in numerous other music videos. Videos with Rick Ross, Maino, and Ace Hood are among those Kara Allison has starred in.

Hip Hop Vibe recently had the opportunity to speak with Kara Allison. During our conversation, Kara Allison talks about her history as a video vixen. Kara Allison also briefly talked about her diverse background. However, Kara Allison primarily spoke on modeling in the hip hop industry.

Read the entire interview below:

Before you starred in the “Mrs. Officer” video, did you have any interest in modeling? I did, but I never really considered it because of my height.

Starting out right out of high school, did your family oppose to your career choice? No, they are supportive of anything I do. Because I was interested in music and videos, they thought it was a good fit for me.

Did your immediate fame after the video surprise you? A little. I did not think I would get so popular after my first video and the director wanting me in the lead for my first video took me back a little. The rest has come over time, the experience has been very cool.

Are you originally from Miami, or did you move there later? No, I was born and raised here.

With a Jamaican and British background, what was your childhood like? My dad is British-American, he was the average dad. My family and I are very close, our life was nothing out of the norm. I love spending time with my family.

What are some of your fondest memories at these video shoots? Driving the speedboat in my recent video with Drake and DJ Khaled. Doing things I do not normally get to do give me fond memories.

How do you feel you have changed the dynamics of urban modeling? I am different from the other girls, I am pretty, quiet, confident, I have had no surgery and I simply be myself. Everything I do is for myself and not to impress those around me.

Personally, what is the hardest part of doing what you do and remaining consistent? When I first started, I was doing over 20 videos a year, but now the budget as different and videos are not as frequent. I do not get to do as many vidoes as before because the industry has changed.

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