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HHV Exclusive: K-Dog talks Hunnafied Records, Coke Boys, and the music industry

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HHV Exclusive: K-Dog talks Hunnafied Records, Coke Boys, and the music industry

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

This year, French Montana and the Coke Boys rose to fame. Several Coke Boys have received a lot of media attention. Coke Boy Brock and Droop Pop are two of the original Coke Boys and they have enjoyed much success this year. Much of this success came with help from K-Dog, their manager.

In several interviews, K-Dog has been mentioned, generating interest. Managing the likes of Coke Boy Brock, Droop Pop, Juicy Badass, Frankie Prada, and more, K-Dog is a direct plug to the industry. Regardless of the geographic location, K-Dog has been there at one time or another.

Recently, Hip Hop Vibe had the chance to speak with K-Dog and he explained how all of this came together. An interesting conversation, K-Dog revealed he attended college and received his degree. Furthermore, K-Dog went on to discuss the Hunnafied movement and his role with the Coke Boys.

Read the entire interview below:

When did you launch Hunnafied Records? To be exact, I launched that in 2002.

Which came first, Hunnafied Records or Management? Hunnafied Records was first and then I launched the management arm nine months ago.

For those who do not know, what is the difference between a record label and management company? Man, it’s very different. Management is just managing, you lead the artists to the water and let them drink. But, the record label is more hands on, working with the artists, and you have to invest money out of your pocket on your own. It is not easy to start your own independent record label nowadays.

How long have you been working with Coke Boy Brock and Droop Pop? Droop Pop is my homie on a whole ‘nother level, we go way back. For two years, I have known Droop Pop. Brock, I just started managing him along with Mack Drama, we both manage him. It has been six months since I linked up with him. Before that, I was working with J-Hood, DUBB, Mitchy Slick, Jay Rock, Juice from Black Wall Street, Game, and a few others. I am one of there three managers and I also manage Coca Kazi.

How did you meet them? I met Droop first, that is my brother. He is my homie, so I decided to help him with his music, because I know a lot of people in the industry. But, outside of business that’s my friend. Through Droop Pop, I met Coke Boy Brock.

What is the atmosphere like when all the Coke Boys get together? Oh man! It’s a beautiful thing when the whole team gets together, there is nobody who can stop us. When we get together, we are the Dream Team. French Montana said that on the Intro of that Mac & Cheese 3 mixtape.

You are well-connected, can you talk about some of your other industry connections? Like I said, I’m cool with Jay Rock, Game’s sister, B-Fly, Big Fase 100, I know a lot of rappers on the West Coast, but I am also down with the East Coast, like Dipset and J-Hood. Back in the day, I used to chill with the rappers on a personal tip and then I jumped into the business. But, after working with Kendrick Lamar and watching him grow, I jumped in. Before the fame, I used to rock with him and Nipsey Hussle, and a whole lot of them. It is a beautiful thing to watch rising stars. I learned the game from those people, watching Big Top Dawg, he runs Top Dawg Ent., watching Game do his thing. Waka Flocka Flame is another good dude I have watched come up.

As a college graduate, why do you feel an education is necessary? Oh man. A lot of people out there think not going to college is good. But, it is hard out here without a degree. If you want a career, you need to go to college. I obtained a degree as a paralegal at John Jay College, now I know how to read these contracts. (Laughs). You need the degree to keep going, because even shining stars burn out. Seriously, you need the back-up, the society is set up that way now. Without a doubt, you need that degree, or at least a diploma, you are going to need that.

Not to focus too much on the neagtive, but how do you feel about the Coke Boys’ current beefs with Shyne and 50 Cent? Wow. As far as 50, I think he is trying to get back in the game. I know he is still relevant through his businesses, but when it comes to music, he is not relevant, so him going after French Montana is to stay relevant. But, French Montana hit back at him and called him a donkey on Mac & Cheese 3. As far as Shyne, he is just mad at everybody because he cannot get back into the United States. Shyne wants to beef with Kendrick, Game, and many others. Personally, I think Shyne is done and he is not coming back. His style changed and nobody is looking for that and he is still crying about Diddy, it is time to get past it, ten years you put in time for that. Like Coke Boy Brock says, he’s a bozo, and Shyne already knows how to find me.

How can people find out more about K-Dog and what are you looking for in an artist? Okay, hit up my Twitter @hunnafiedrecords. Hit up my email if you want to speak on a personal tip. If you want to see what I am doing, follow Juicy Badass, Frankie Prada, Droop Pop, Coke Boy Brock, Red McFly, and the others. We have a lot of things in store this winter.

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