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HHV Exclusive: Jody Breeze talks “Airplane Mode,” upcoming projects, status of Boyz n da Hood, Atlanta hip hop, and more

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HHV Exclusive: Jody Breeze talks “Airplane Mode,” upcoming projects, status of Boyz n da Hood, Atlanta hip hop, and more

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Atlanta is at the forefront of the rap game, with such artists as Future and 2 Chainz dominating the radio waves and Young Jeezy and Gucci Mane capturing headlines. Seven years ago, when Young Jeezy and Gucci Mane rose to fame, so did Jody Breeze. At the time, Jody Breeze and Young Jeezy were members of Boyz n da Hood, along with Gorilla Zoe, Big Zee, and Duke.

Boyz n da Hood were initially signed to Bad Boy Records through Block Entertainment and released their self-titled debut album in 2005. However, after the release of their debut album, no more group projects came. Jody Breeze would release his A Day in the Life of Jody Breeze debut the same year, featuring production from Jazze Pha.

Jody Breeze would soon cement himself in the Atlanta mixtape scene, releasing projects with some of the biggest DJs in the area. Earlier this year, Jody Breeze released Airplane Mode with DJ Bobby Black. Hip Hop Vibe recently spoke to Jody Breeze and he discussed Airplane Mode, the current status of Boyz n da Hood, and the Atlanta hip hop scene.

Read the entire interview below:

Did Airplane Mode receive the reaction you were looking for? Yeah, it did. Honestly, it did better than I thought it would. Usually, my mixtapes do the same, because I target the same people, but the reaction was particularly well. I feel that as long as I keep doing shows off the mixtape, it’s doing its job.

Lex Luger provided production on the mixtape, how did you link up with him? Through the internet man. We hooked up over Twitter, I reached out to him and he sent me some tracks over, that’s how it went down.

Was it easy to build chemistry with him? Yeah, because he knew my style and I knew what I was going to get through working with him.

With beats also coming from Sonny Digital and Zaytoven, were you going for a particular sound on Airplane Mode? Yeah, I was trying to get all the up and coming producers on the project. Sonny Digital is my partner anyway, so I definitely wanted him on the project.

You also had Ca$h Out on the project, how do you feel about his recent success? I fucks with Ca$h Out. We were recording at the same studio, so that is how we linked up. I was supporting his movement, so we made it happen.

When will the follow-up to Airplane Mode be released? It will be released in February or March. Right now, I am in the process of putting together an album. Once I do that, I will focus back in on the mixtapes.

Can you tell us more about the album? The album is crazy. Right now, I am just doing a whole lot of recording. I am trying to put out forty to fifty songs. I am ready to show my growth right now, for too long I have been making songs for certain demographics and now I am going worldwide. There will be a lot of big records on this project.

What other projects do you have in the works? Right now, I am still doing a lot of writing for a lot of people. I have a publishing deal, too, so I am just working.

Should fans expect another Boyz n da Hood project, ever? I couldn’t even say, because I have not been dealing with that part of my music career in a long time. If the ticket was right, I would be all in, but as far as just doing it, I’m done with all the group shit.

Do you still keep in contact with the other members of the group? Yeah. I talk to Duke all the time. Either way, they are like my brothers, so we will always keep in touch.

Earlier we spoke about Ca$h Out, he, along with Future and 2 Chainz have put Atlanta back on the map, how do you feel about your home city returning to the top of the game? To be honest to you, I don’t feel as if it never left. I think people have been sleeping on Atlanta for a while, but those guys helped wake people up. They are doing a good job at showing how diverse artists from the South are.

On Airplane Mode, you worked with both Ca$h Out and Zed Zilla, who are some other big names you want to work with in the future? I have already worked with everybody I want to work with, so now my focus is on working with the people who fit the song. I could go out and get collaborations with anybody. Everybody be jumping on everybody’s tracks nowadays and I want something different for me.

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