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HHV Exclusive: Gunplay talks expansion of Maybach Music, “Self Made 2,” and his solo career

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HHV Exclusive: Gunplay talks expansion of Maybach Music, “Self Made 2,” and his solo career

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The Untouchable Maybach Empire is dominating all forms of hip hop media, as they are on television, in magazines, and on the internet. Rick Ross established himself as one of the top figures in hip hop and he introduced his crew to the world. In 2009, he introduced the world to Gunplay, via the Triple Cs.

Since establishing himself, Rick Ross has opened doors for the artists signed to his label. Always preaching hard work and determination, Rick Ross tells his crew members to go after it. Gunplay has been doing just that, releasing a series of new singles and currently has two mixtapes, Bogota and 106 & Snort, in the works.

Gunplay is preparing his own take over of the rap game and he is laying the ground work. As he prepares his new music, Gunplay has been working with many of the new stars of the game, namely Kendrick Lamar. Earlier today, Hip Hop Vibe spoke with Gunplay about how he feels on the growth of Maybach Music, his input on Self Made 2 and his own solo career.

Read the entire interview below:

As an original member of Maybach Music, what is it like to now be a part of the most-popular movement in hip hop? It feels good when you have a long plan and it finally comes to fruition, you feel accomplished, but you have a long way to go. We started and now we’re a force to be reckoned with in the game, it feels good.

What is it like to work alongside of Wale and Meek Mill, what kind of energy do they add to the team? They are real creative artists. Meek Mill is the young gunner, he brings the young energy. They are both lyricists, and Wale is more poetic is. It broadens the audience of Maybach Music, more than just hood niggas, you have the 9 to 5-ers, you have the women and everyone. They lock down their lane, I lock down mine with the wild lifestyle. 

Self Made 2. What can fans expect from you on this new compilation? I start the album off, the first verse on the album’s opener. Expect hungry Gunplay, if you listen to Gunplay, you know what to expect. Left field shit, you would never think of. New artists on Maybach Music like Stalley and Omarion, they are going to be up there, I did two joints with Wale and Meek Mill. Every summer, we are going to release a compilation, look for dope shit throughout the summer.

Rick Ross is obviously a student of the game, what lessons has he taught you over the years? Just keep grinding, never stop, do not quit. It is all about work ethic, take care of your family. Do it yourself and then you know when someone is slacking. We used to be our own promoters and managers, we instilled that work ethic, so we know how it goes. Stay close to family because a lot of outsiders have their own agendas.

Earlier this year, you experienced much success with Kendrick Lamar on “Cartoons & Cereal,” what was it like working with him? We did not have the chance to work together in the studio, but he reached out to one of my homies. He said he had a track he felt I would sound good on and it was right up my alley, so we made it work. Gained a lot of backpacker fans, really expanded my audience. Shout out to K. Dot.

When will you release Bogota and 106 & Snort? Probably either next month or July. I am working on a lot of things behind the scenes. I am focused on all of that, but when I’m done, we have Bogota and 106 & Snort coming after that. My mixtape is almost done, so I will tie up the loose ends. I will be dropping two mixtapes at one time.

After the run of Self Made 2 and your mixtapes, when can fans expect your debut album? I am ironing out the paper work for that, it will be this year sometime, probably. Releasing it on Def Jam Records.

Who will you be working with that you have not already? Pharrell, I will be sitting down with him pretty soon. I would love to work with Jay-Z. I like Big K.R.I.T., I would love to make something happen with him as well.

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