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HHV Exclusive: Gillie Da Kid talks “King of Philly 3,” “Shut Up” music video, and Meek Mill

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HHV Exclusive: Gillie Da Kid talks “King of Philly 3,” “Shut Up” music video, and Meek Mill

Gillie Da Kid 10By DJ YRS Jerzy
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The summer is in full swing and Gillie Da Kid had to reassert his position as the king of his city. As everybody knows, Gillie Da Kid is the self-proclaimed “King of Philly” and he started the summer by releasing King of Philly 3. His new mixtape is almost a month old and it’s still doing well.

Last week, Gillie Da Kid released the visuals for the “Shut Up” track and it’s continuing to dominate. All in all, the past few years have been great for Philadelphia hip hop, due to the light cast by Meek Mill. This has helped Gillie Da Kid, although he always does well.

Gillie Da Kid talked to Hip Hop Vibe last year about his King of Philly 2 mixtape and the shots he and Meek Mill were taking. A lot has changed over the course of a year and Gillie Da Kid returned to speak on it. He spoke on King of Philly 3, the “Shut Up” music video, and Meek Mill’s current situation.

Read the entire interview below:

So, you’re almost a month past the KOP 3 mixtape release, are you happy with the results the mixtape brought? Yeah. I think it is picking up more every day. Word of mouth is really helping me out a lot.

How would you say this King of Philly mixtape differs from the other two? I think this King of Philly, 3, is just a better body of work. This is the feedback that I have been getting from my fans and that is a beautiful thing.

Which track is your personal favorite off the tape? Ah man, it’s too hard to pick out just one. That’s a tough one right there, because all of them are good.

Can you talk a little bit about the “Shut Up” single? Well, you know, it was a street track and it’s got real good energy to it. A lot of people like it, because they like telling people to shut up.

Were you surprised with how the fans took to the track? Ahh, not really, there were a lot of other songs off the mixtape people talk about. But, I’m glad that they love this one.

As you know, the “Shut Up” music video was Video of the Week last week on Hip Hop Vibe, can you explain the concept behind that visual? Well, I wanted to bring a little storyline to it, so I had it where a person was trying to set me up. Shout out to Peter Parker for helping me get across to the people I was getting across to.

Being a native of Philadelphia, how is the scene looking to you now in comparison to how you saw it around the time of your first Hip Hop Vibe interview in July 2013? I think it’s on the rise and a lot of artists are starting to get noticed from Philadelphia. A lot of it is coming from Meek, with his album coming out in September. But, a lot of artists are getting it together and making their run.

The last time we talked, you made it clear you and Meek Mill had no actual beef, and now he was sentenced to time in prison over a probation violation, what’s your take on that situation? I think it’s some bullshit. I think the city of Philadelphia has a lot of other shit they should be worried about instead of trying to target someone who is doing something positive out here. Meek Mill is trying to change his life and the Philadelphia justice system is on some bullshit for arresting him/

If you could offer Meek Mill any kind words of advice, what would they be? Man, just get your money. Focus on getting your money and keep doing the right thing.

Alright, if you could, please tell the world where they can find you on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? Twitter @GillieDaKid, @Gillie_da_Kid, and Facebook is Gillie Da Kidd. Get at me, follow me to see what I got going on.

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