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HHV Exclusive: DJ YRS Jerzy talks success of “Jerzy’s Evolution” and “Talented Minds” with Q the Question

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HHV Exclusive: DJ YRS Jerzy talks success of “Jerzy’s Evolution” and “Talented Minds” with Q the Question

DJ YRS JerzyBy The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Back in 2011, DJ YRS Jerzy made his Hip Hop Vibe debut. Since then, DJ YRS Jerzy has become a fixture on the internet. Most of the world knows him for his recently-released mixtape, Jerzy’s Evolution. Teaming up with Q the Question, DJ YRS Jerzy is still celebrating the success of his latest tape.

However, celebration does not last long for people who work as hard as DJ YRS Jerzy, who is working on his next mixtape. Finding success in bridging the gap between the industry insiders and independent artists, DJ YRS Jerzy is now an industry plug. Thoroughly impressive thus far, the New Jersey bred and Charlotte-based DJ has more left to prove.

Hip Hop Vibe recently spoke to DJ YRS Jerzy for the first time since Jerzy’s Evolution was released. A candid conversation, DJ YRS Jerzy opened up about several topics, primarily his work with Q the Question. The conversation with DJ YRS Jerzy is well worth the read for those who are interested.

Read the entire interview below:

Where did the concept of Jerzy’s Evolution come from? (Laughs). There really is no concept, I just wanted to find an avenue to bring the rap game together and I have done that by having various figures in hip hop to host these mixtapes.

Somewhere in the back of your mind, were you thinking of all that DJ Drama contributed to the mixtape game? Not really. I wanted to do my own thing and see how big it would become.

So far, are you pleased with how well the first Jerzy’s Evolution did? Yeah, I feel like me and Q the Question took the game over with this one. We dropped it on Hip Hop Vibe, so you know a lot of these other websites started copying it (laughs).

What was it like working with Q the Question? It was dope, we had fun doing this project.

Were you surprised by the energy he brought to the tape? Yeah, it was crazy, I didn’t know he was going to go in like that. Having Q the Question do this was a great way to start the series off.

Can you talk about the upcoming Talented Minds series you have with Q the Question? Right now, we are accepting slots for the mixtape, but we are in the development stages. Given the feedback we got off the Jerzy’s Evolution tape, I feel this one will be even bigger and we have another separate series also in the works.

What should fans expect on these upcoming mixtapes? You can expect it to be everywhere, these mixtapes are full of good music and have strong promotion behind it.

So far, how would you rate 2013 on a scale of one to ten? I’d rate it a twenty (laughs). Everything is taken off.

Once again, give us your Facebook and Twitter? Facebook is “DJ YRS Jerzy” and Twitter is @IAmDJYRSJerzy.

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