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HHV Exclusive: DJ YRS Jerzy talks “Beats 4 The Trap 2”

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HHV Exclusive: DJ YRS Jerzy talks “Beats 4 The Trap 2”

DJ YRS Jerzy 3By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Not many people are working as hard as DJ YRS Jerzy. Often said, hard work pays off, and it is paying off for DJ YRS Jerzy. This month, alone, DJ YRS Jerzy’s indexing on major search engines has doubled. However, that is only one part of the battle for DJ YRS Jerzy, as he is becoming one of the hottest mixtape.

DJ YRS Jerzy has his hands in several pots and mixtapes is one of his primary ones. Last month, the entire mixtape scene, and hip hop world, saw when DJ YRS Jerzy joined SKE Records. Now, there are even more mixtapes in the works, including the Talented Minds series. However, the next project from DJ YRS Jerzy is Beats 4 The Trapwhich will be released on Hip Hop Vibe.

In anticipation for the mixtape, which is another joint project with Lex Gunna, DJ YRS Jerzy came back to talk to Hip Hop Vibe. This time around, DJ YRS Jerzy talked to Hip Hop Vibe about the changes from the first to second Beats 4 The Trap. Getting into the flow of things a little easier, DJ YRS Jerzy promises another street classic.

Read the entire interview below:

Why did you come back with Beats 4 The Trap 2 so quickly? I saw the success of the first tape and I wanted to get another one out there as quickly as possible.

How much has Lex Gunna grown since the development of the last tape? He has come a long way. His technique, sound, and technique is much better. Lex Gunna was already great and getting better, which is scary.

What is it like to see Lex Gunna’s name taking off right when yours is? I feel like if he is putting in the work, he deserves the recognition he is getting. Very few people work as hard as Lex, he has new beats in my email every day.

Can you describe the experience working with Lex on this tape? It has been crazy, he sent ten straight beats to put on the tape. From there, we still had to add more beats and then he sent more, so we decided to add twelve beats.

What is different, working wise, on this tape compared to the last one? There really is no difference. Unless we’re talking about the beat quality, because that has dramatically increased.

So far, where would you rank Lex Gunna’s skill? Right now, I give him an 8.5 out of ten. But, in the next year or two, he is going to be off the charts. Dude is only seventeen, so you know the sky is not even a limit for him.

Can you tell us about the first beat, “Gaup?” That beat was not one of the best off the tape, but we leaked it so the people could get a preview of all that we have in the works.

When will this mixtape be released? Next Thursday, February 28 right here on Hip Hop Vibe.

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