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HHV Exclusive: Darius McCrary talks new music, “Seasons,” #GO, “Family Matters” reboot, influences, and more

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HHV Exclusive: Darius McCrary talks new music, “Seasons,” #GO, “Family Matters” reboot, influences, and more

Darius McCraryBy YRS Jerzy
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Hip hop is much more than the music, it is truly a culture. This culture includes many facets and television is a major one. Like many various cultures, the 1990s was a peak for hip hop and Darius McCrary was a big name in the 1990s.

Darius McCrary played the role of Eddie Winslow on “Family Matters” and rose to immense popularity. But, he was far from done following that nine year run. He used his celebrity to give back and to work on his music.

As it stands, Darius McCrary is back in the spotlight and he is making it all about him and his family. This afternoon, Darius McCrary talked to Hip Hop Vibe about his illustrious career, including his time with “Family Matters.” But, in the present day, he has a lot of work in store, which he spoke to Hip Hop Vibe about.

Read the entire interview below:

Can you tell the world about the new music you have in the works and everything that it’s inspired? Yeah, please! We have a new single right now, called “Seasons.” We’re releasing music that feels good. I like feel good music, Bobby Womack, Rick James, and all of those people. Music in the state of mind to help you grind. Grind on a state of mind and grind on life. Music has always made me this way.

Now, I am doing the music and my group is called #GO. This project is called #GO featuring Darius. My brother is a part of the band, Donny McCrary. This project features me and my family, we’re kind of like The Fugees vibe. We have elements of hip hop, jazz, R&B, and more in this project. It’s a blessing to have someone like Rick James to influence me. I’m like his illegitimate godchild. Having Chaka Khan as an aunt.

It is the fabric to a lot of our being, good music, songs that make you feel some kind of way. We’re about that and our music is everywhere, the video is on Vevo. We partnered with the EJ Jackson Foundation and he does a big food drive every Thanksgiving. I went back to the spot where I wrote the song, on the beach, and it’s indicative of a spot where I go to reflect.

It’s important to focus on the seasons, where we’re going in life and where we’ve been. This song is dedicated to a tough situation I’m going through with my son and this inspires my new movement, Fathers Care. I had my son for the first five years of his life and my new initiative will have fathers and mothers working together for the best outcome of the child.

In my experiences, the lawyers and courts push the negative actions in order to make more money. We are working with everyone, no gender bias, just making sure what’s best for the child. Now, a lot of values have changed and we’re working on changing it back with Seasons.

During your time on “Family Matters,” you worked with Donna Summers, what type of impact did she have on you? I LOVE DONNA SUMMERS. I had plenty of good moments with her. When you have someone like Donna Summers tell you your voice is comparable to Marvin Gaye, so that means a lot. I love that and I love what the young guys like Usher, Chris Brown, and J. Cole. But, Donna Summers was such an amazing and beautiful woman who was taken away way too soon.

Have you been following DJ Khaled and the positive messages he has? I have a confession to make, I’m not a Snapchatter. Don’t judge me, but I am an Instagrammer.

Yeah, the reason we mentioned that is because Khaled often shares his major keys to success on there. What are your major keys to success? Family, a strong support system, God, and if you don’t believe in God, believe in something greater than you. You have to believe in that. Have a never give up mentality and be willing to work as hard as you are willing to play. That, plus continuing to have a work ethic means success is somewhere in there.

Can you tell us about your time playing on “Family Matters”? It was fun, enjoyable, long, went through ups and downs. The producers did a wonderful thing in producing that show and putting new producers on. I wouldn’t change anything about that experience. It was beautiful, because the likes of Vivica Fox, Kristoff St. John, Tammy Townsend who played Greta, Johnny Gill, the New Edition squad, Larry Johnson did Grandmama on the show. It was a blessing to be on such a wonderful production with such wonderful people.

Seeing how many 90s shows are getting reboots, how would you feel about a potential Family Matters reboot? A Family Matters reboot would be a wonderful thing. But, it’s different when you’re dealing with black folks (laughs), for several reasons. They don’t give us a lot of opportunities, but we will see. It was great working with Bob Boyette, who I consider a mentor. Bill Bickley, who is a great guy. If anyone can get it done, those guys can. I’m game.

Can you tell us about that brief CBS run? Yeah, CBS ended the show early, they had us from one season after we left ABC and it’s tough to migrate a show with no advertisement.

You are playing Gerald Levert in the upcoming movie, The Miki Howard Story, how did that feel? Yeah, I was blessed to play Gerald Levert, he was a great guy, and the movie is playing this summer on TV One, he was a good friend of mine. Christine (Swanson) did a great job in producing it and Miki is a director of the movie, executive producer. An amazing and tremendous individual who is family and had a great influence on my life and family as well. A true blessing to be a part of this project.

So, what other projects do you have in the works? I just had the pleasure of working with John Singleton on Snowfalls, which airs on FX soon. We’re working with J.D. Lawrence, hopefully you’ll be seeing that soon. Hope to make it to Broadway soon.

Can you let us know where we can find you on social media? @DariusMcCrary on Twitter and Instagram. Facebook is Darius McCrary, as well.

Follow YRS Jerzy on Twitter @IAMYRSJERZY.

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