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HHV Exclusive: Clyde Carson talks “Playboy” album, collaborations, upcoming tour, “S.T.S.A. Part II,” and more

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HHV Exclusive: Clyde Carson talks “Playboy” album, collaborations, upcoming tour, “S.T.S.A. Part II,” and more

Clyde Carson 2By DJ Kid Fresh
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The reason there is so much talk about the West Coast is because every area out here is doing their thing. Yesterday, Clyde Carson dropped his Playboy album, which is already selling well on iTunes. His new project is loaded with some hit tracks and he’s just getting started.

Clyde Carson began his career as a part of The Team with Kaz Kyah, Jungle, and also Mayne Mannish. Since then, he has had a successful solo career, which has spanned well over ten years. Back in 2012, Clyde Carson had a pretty big hit with the “Slow Down” single and the remix.

Hip Hop Vibe had the opportunity to talk to Clyde Carson and he provided an enjoyable conversation about his new music. Playboy is out and making its impact on the game, but Clyde Carson is already working on his Something To Speak About 2 project. Clyde Carson also spoke on the collaborations on his tape and the Bay Area hip hop scene.

Read the entire interview below:

Yesterday, you dropped your Playboy album, how are you liking the online reaction to it from the fans? It’s just like what I wanted and it looks like my fans like it, seeing their reaction,

One track a lot of people are talking about is “Mile Away” with Master P, why did you decide to link up with him? I was recording with Silkk The Shocker for his project and while I was in the studio, I told Master P I had a dope record he would be good for. But, Master P is an inspiration and I was talking to him about his business success and then we got on the record. P did his job on it.

Over the past couple of years, Master P has been on a comeback, what’s your opinion on that? Any time you have that much success, you always feel like the door is never closed. Even if you step away, you can come back, which he did. Master P left and he came back and now he’s doing his thing again and that’s one of the reasons I reached out to him to do this.

You also got the newcomer, August Alsina, on Playboy, how did you and him link up for the “Back It Up” track? We just reached out to his management and someone on his team was familiar with my history on the West Coast. He came through for me and I appreciate him for it, shout out to August Alsina and his whole team.

Of course, you had Cousin Fik on the project and both of you are Bay Area guys, how important do you feel it is to represent for your hometown on your projects? Well, Cousin Fik isn’t from Oakland, specifically, but he is from the Bay Area. But, he is down with Sic Wid It. But, I think it’s important to represent for the whole Bay Area and I wanted this album to have an underground feel to it. Of course, we also had D-Lo, who is from Oakland on the project too. I wanted to bring about the underground Bay Area sound that I grew up listening to.

Your team said you are going on tour soon, will it be solo or will you be on with some other artists? I’m not sure right now, but it is looking like it will be a solo run at the moment.

You also discussed doing a sequel to Something To Speak About, when do you think you will release that project? We are in the process of recording as we speak, but that is going to be the next project that we drop. I definitely want to have a bunch of new music, because that’s what my fans want from me. But, I have a lot of projects in the works, including the sequel to Something To Speak About.

Where can we find you on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? Everything is Clyde Carson, @ClydeCarson. My website is, of course check me out there.

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