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HHV Exclusive: Ca$h Out talks success of “Cashin’ Out,” next single, and touring with Tyga

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HHV Exclusive: Ca$h Out talks success of “Cashin’ Out,” next single, and touring with Tyga

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Over the past few years, Ca$h Out has been making a name for himself in Atlanta, as a rapper. Early this year, Ca$h Out went from being another rising rapper to hip hop’s newest star. Ca$h Out has enjoyed the success of his “Cashin’ Out” single, which has become a summer anthem. Now, the young emcee finds himself a rap star with more projects in the works.

Ca$h Out is currently out to show the world he is more than a one hit wonder, recently releasing his new single, “Turn Up.” In addition to his new music, Ca$h Out is appearing on other tracks, such as the new Mr. Sipp record, “April Fool.” Perhaps more newsworthy, however, is Ca$h Out’s upcoming appearance on Tyga’s “Closer to My Dreams” tour.

Today, Hip Hop Vibe was afforded the opportunity to speak with Ca$h Out, who spoke on the success of his “Cashin’ Out” single, what his next big hit will be, and his upcoming tour with Tyga. The Atlanta emcee provided much insight into how he has become the star he currently is. Ca$h Out was very open throughout the feature.

Read the entire interview below:

How do you feel about the success of “Cashin’ Out?” Man, I feel like it was a remarkable success. The way the record flows and from where it was in January to where it is now is amazing. It is a top forty song on Billboard, only me and Nicki Minaj hold that distinction. Recently, I received my gold plaque for the song. This is almost like a dream for me.

After the Miami Heat won their title, you saw LeBron James singing “Cashin’ Out,” how did that feel? I was really excited because I was pulling for the Heat anyway. To have someone of his caliber singing my song was beautiful, because I know he is a hip hop fan, but for him to be interested in my song is amazing.

Did the success of the song surprise you? Me and Lil Wayne performed the song in Miami the other night at Club LIV, that was amazing. The success of the song surprised me, but all the accolades have surprised me, seeing how this is my first single. I hope to keep going hard, making this fun music.

Can you tell us more about the “Big Booty” single and the video twerk competition? I went in the booth and recorded both “Big Booty” and “Cashin’ Out.” The producer, SKI, made the beat. I went into the session and knocked those out in an hour and a half. Usually, I go in the studio and put something together to see how it sounds. I did that and made “Big Booty,” so I feel that is the key to making good music, not overthinking it.

That is how Lil Wayne and Jay-Z do, so that is how I did my whole mixtape and “Cashin’ Out,” no pen, no paper, nothing was written. I don’t know if I’d get a writing award, or a thinking award, because I thought it out. The second single, “Big Booty,” is already top forty on Billboard at number 38. The music video is crazy, we just put it together. This video brought the character out of me. By the time the video drops, this record will be top twenty or even ten.

In addition to “Big Booty,” you also have “Turn Up,” which of your new songs do you think will have the same, or bigger success than “Cashin’ Out?”  I released “Turn Up” as the street single, “Big Booty” is the next official single, but “Turn Up” is something we put out that caught on. We turned up, the video was crazy, and it is currently doing numbers. We just wrapped up the “Hold Up” video, which features Wale. Singles are in rotation and the radio is picking up the street releases. All of this goes a long way, we have the whole mixtape almost released. When I first started out, touring in February, I was doing two and three song sets, now I am doing eleven and twelve song sets, things are getting crazy.

Along with your hit single, you also are making appearances on other tracks, will you be doing many guest features? Oh yeah, I definitely murder other tracks, making other hits. I lend a hand to those who need it, because I remember being in that position. Recently, I teamed up with Mr. Sipp for a song called “April Fool.” I gave the track my all, which I do when I make guest appearances, all in the name of making hits. Now, “April Fool” is blowing up, which is another positive for both of us.

Who are some of the more established artists you are going to be working with? Man, many many artists will be coming when the records drop. Yo Gotti, Akon, Fabolous, Young Jeezy, French Montana, again Wale, Jeremih, Juvenile, Red Eye from Miami, got a lot of big records in the making. It is going to be a cold winter, bringing the ice out and then a hot winter because I am coming with the heat.

Yourself, Future, 2 Chainz, and a few others are considered by many as the “new Atlanta,” how do you feel about the overall “new Atlanta” movement? I’m just doing Ca$h Out and everyone else is enjoying their new positions. We are making Atlanta look good, but I am representing the whole South, period. I am letting them know Ca$h Out is in the building.

Are you looking forward to being a part of Tyga’s “Closer to My Dreams” tour? We are still working on this, because my dates are crazy. I definitely want to be on that tour. If things do not work out, I hope something else comes along. Tyga and Kirko Bangz are great looks and great names to be involved with. I definitely hope something works out.

How did you wind up on this upcoming tour? I can’t even tell you, someone probably reached out and asked for me. Either way, it was a great look.

Can fans expect to hear a track with Ca$h Out and Tyga? Hell yeah, Tyga is a great artist. He has done a lot from the time he has come in the game. I am willing to work with anyone who wants to work with me, regardless of genre, I am versatile. As long as it makes sense, we can get it in.

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