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HHV Exclusive: C White talks success of Duffle Bag Boyz movement and solo ventures

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HHV Exclusive: C White talks success of Duffle Bag Boyz movement and solo ventures

C WhiteBy The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In many ways, the overall Duffle Bag Boy movement can be compared to the movement crafted by Rick Ross, Maybach Music. Six years ago, 2 Chainz rose to fame, as Tity Boi, alongside Dolla Boy on the “Duffle Bag Boy” single. With Lil Wayne on the hook, the song was a breakout single.

Ultimately, 2 Chainz broke away from Ludacris’ DTP Records. What 2 Chainz did to the game last year goes without saying. However, 2 Chainz’ Based on a T.R.U. Story act was only the intro. The stage has been set for his The Real University movement, which consists of the Duffle Bag Boyz Ent. group.

Already, the world knows Dolla Boy and Cap1, meanwhile they are getting to know some of the other members, including Ronn Makk and C White. Earlier this evening, Hip Hop Vibe had the opportunity to talk to C White. During the interview, he explained the Duffle Bag Boy movement and talked about his own solo projects.

Read the entire interview below:

How long have you been a member of Duffle Bag Boys Ent.? This is going to be my third year with them.

How did you end up joining the crew? Actually, it started from me just being in the streets and being familiar with Rio Diego and he played a song for Dolla Boy. He heard the song, liked it, and it went from there, that night. We did a song called “MTV Cribs” for my project and then we were official from then on.

What was it like to watch 2 Chainz blow up the way he did? It is hard to explain, amazing, overwhelming, everything at the same time. We were never serious about music and when they showed me the ropes, I was like a sponge. When you sit down with 2 Chainz, he will teach you something, without trying. It was a tough period when I came on board because they were just breaking away from DTP. But, I watched 2 Chainz make Codeine Cowboy and that was the best experience I ever had because our lives changed and I strive off this every day.

Seeing how things have taken off, how do you feel about your own work? My own work, it speaks for itself. I love it, when I sit down and think about the people around me, as in on the come up with me, I go over the entire business aspect. I like to Kanye (West) myself, doing everything on my own. I leave people in awe when they see my work and that inspires me. When my music comes together in a body of work, it will speak for itself.

In the meantime, will you be working on songs with Cap1, Ronn Makk, and the other guys coming up? Definitely, me Cap1, Ronn Makk, Greasy, we all have a strong bond, we are the 2 Gun Gang. But, a lot of these other groups don’t really fuck with each other, we do, we are like brothers. We are the crew, we work all day every day. I have Dolla Boy, 2 Chainz, and more on my upcoming projects. Wingo from Jagged Edge will also be on my project, I consider him an honorary Duffle Bag Boy. We all have them records coming.

Will there be a 2 Gun Gang compilation tape coming? Yeah. Definitely. It’s on the way and it is going to be hosted by DJ E. Sudd, he is with the Street Executives. We dropped our first tape last year and we have multiple coming this year. Every other month, fans should expect these tapes. DJ Scream did the first one and DJ Black Bill Gates, if I am not mistaken, will be co-hosting the next tape.

Did 2 Chainz’ success add any pressure to you guys? There has been a lot of pressure because of this whole 2 Chainz movement because we had to step our game all the way up, it felt like we were moving slow. But, we are all future superstars in the making, we are an unstoppable force.

Can you tell us more about your solo project? Actually, my next project is with Rio, Tattoos & Kush, and is hosted by Bigga Rankin, DJ E. Sudd, and Tony Davis the DJ, and this project is going to be on the same quality as an album. Me and Rio came into this thing as a duo, despite us being solo artists. After this tape, we have both of our solo projects coming that will show what we will do. We delayed it twice because we want it to come out right, especially with Bigga Rankin’s name on it. This will be fourteen songs, one solo apiece, 2 Chainz will be on the “MTV Cribs” song, Dolla Boy on “Studio,” Cap1 will also be on there, along with the rest of the game.

Misunderstood is my solo tape that is in the works, no release date because it’s all about the timing. The tape is eleven songs in and it explains what I do every time I walk on the stage. People see the white boy with the gold teeth and the crazy hair. I don’t even like to talk before I take the stage, but that is my solo debut and it will be a classic, I promise you that.

Have you been approached by any majors for a deal? No. Not right now. Like I said, I have to sit back and watch the offers for my big homies and see how they do things and then I will make my move. Until then, I keep working harder than the next man and not settling for less. In the future, I can’t wait though.

Can you give us your Facebook and Twitter accounts? My Facebook is Dufflebag C White. My Twitter is @CWhite_ and my Instagram is @CWhite_.

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