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Heavy Dedication TV presents “HDTV, Vol. 2” and director’s reel [VIDEO]

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Heavy Dedication TV presents “HDTV, Vol. 2” and director’s reel [VIDEO]

HDTV Vol. 2By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In 2012, New York City enjoyed a triumphant return back into prominence in the hip hop industry. The revolution was televised by Heavy Dedication TV throughout the entire evolution. Between the frequent clips from DJ Kay Slay’s radio show over at Shade 45 to behind the scenes footage, Heavy Dedication TV was there.

Heavy Dedication TV caught footage of many big names, not just those in New York, as they also have a bit of footage with Das EFX. However, in New York, they have clips from Fred the Godson, Jadakiss, and A-Mafia, among many others. Over the past few months, the profile of HDTV grew tremendously.

Now, Heavy Dedication TV is preparing for the official release of their DVD. HDTV, Vol. 2 is the name of the DVD, the second in their series. Yesterday, the official trailer for the DVD leaked. Earlier today, the director’s reel for Heavy Dedication TV was also released.

Watch the HDTV, Vol. 2 trailer below:

Watch the Heavy Dedication TV director’s reel below:

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