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H.E.R Comes All The Way Through With Latest ‘I Used To Know Her’ Part 2; Whole EP On Heavy Repeat!

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H.E.R Comes All The Way Through With Latest ‘I Used To Know Her’ Part 2; Whole EP On Heavy Repeat!

By Jazzy Nelson Contributing Writer

Alexa, Play H.E.R, I Used To Love Her Part 2 EP

She’s back! H.E.R, the angelic “Focus” songstress just hit these EP streets with some new new and all the acoustic feels on the tracks are fire! The 8 song sequel followed a few months behind the release of I Used To Know Her and we’re so here for it.

Part 2 is a true breath of fresh air as it brings more depth, sensual R&B piano ballads and a heart worn on your sleeve type of tender truth.

The first of the feels is “Carried Away” and thats exactly what the vibe will do to you. The whole prelude pulls on your heart strings while also whisking you away with the sexiest of strummed guitar strings. The melodramatic joyride is a raw and relatable journey of love stories that resonate deep for any human with a heart beat. Her vocals bring vulnerability with the soul of a voice that seeps through every song in any speaker keeping you head knoddin’ and needing more. There’s lyrical and musical levels to this, listen and fall in love with them all.

The emotional and spiritual references to the final track, The Lord Is Coming is something sincere.

They pick and choose what’s equal -Who’s good and who’s evil -And this is the devils world but the Lord is coming for his people

Whoo child!

Also check the new video “Could’ve Been” on Vevo with H.E.R and Bryson Tiller. The sweet collaboration brings a smooth vibe that is visually and equally authentically beautiful to our eyes as it was to our ears when we first heard it.

Well, we would expect nothing less from such well crafted artistry and a helluva talented team.

Go ‘head Ms Gabi Wilson, we see you baby girl, we’re listening and loving it. Carry on.


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