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Ghostface Killah discusses Ludacris vs. Big Sean and Drake, along with “Supreme Clientele 2”

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Ghostface Killah discusses Ludacris vs. Big Sean and Drake, along with “Supreme Clientele 2”

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

There has been a struggle going on between the veteran rappers and the newcomers for some time. The most-recent example of this was the release of Ludacris’ “Badaboom” track. On the track, which is off his 1.21 Gigawatts mixtape, Ludacris takes aim at Big Sean and Drake. The two rappers are known for their “okie-doke” rapping style.

Big Sean was originally slated to release his debut album in 2009. However, due to various issues, the album was not released until 2011. While waiting to release his album, Big Sean continued to release music on the mixtape level. Meanwhile, Drake had signed to Young Money and soon released his debut album.

When he finally released his Finally Famous album, in 2011, Big Sean took credit for inventing the “okie-doke” flow and said Drake got the style from him. Big Sean also noted Ludacris using the flow on his “My Chick Bad” single. During an interview, Drake agreed with Big Sean and also said Ludacris had gotten the flow from the Detroit rapper.

In the early 2000s, Ludacris was among the biggest rappers in the game. Over the span of five years, Ludacris released several hit singles and popular videos. However, in recent years, Ludacris has focused on ventures outside of making music. While Ludacris has been promoting his products, a new crop of rappers have taken over the game. Periodically, Ludacris returns to the game and reminds rappers he is still here.

Most recently, Ludacris did this with his “Badaboom” track. Ghostface Killah, of the Wu-Tang Clan, was asked how he felt about Ludacris going after Big Sean and Drake on “Badaboom.” Avoiding the beef, Ghostface said it is nothing but rap music and how the game goes. Instead of focusing on beef, Ghostface feels rappers should be focused on making money. Ghostface went on to say rappers should all unite and go after the ones who had us all opressed for so many years.

Focused on his music projects, Ghostface Killah said the Wu Block album is on the way and it will be followed by his upcoming solo album, Supreme Clientele 2 presents Blue & Cream.

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