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Game rumored to be helping Rick Ross with GDs situation

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Game rumored to be helping Rick Ross with GDs situation

Game 25By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Back in April of 2011, Game got in trouble with law enforcement in Canada. Game wound up behind bars for reported ties to organized crime. Those who follow Game know he has ties to crime and was an active member of the Bloods gang, a Los Angeles gang. However, once his career took off, Game began traveling a lot.

In 2009, Game reached out to Rick Ross, as they had a common enemy, 50 Cent. At first, Game reached out to Rick Ross because he felt 50 Cent was getting the best of him. Offering to help Rick Ross in his beef, they teamed up with Ja Rule and Fat Joe for a remix of “Mafia Music,” the initial diss in the 50/Ross feud.

As was the case with Rick Ross and Bang ‘Em Smurf, a friendship was formed out of hatred for 50 Cent. Rick Ross rose to new heights after trading disses with 50 Cent and Game turned to him for his last two albums. With Rick Ross being threatened by members of the Gangster Disciples, Game is rumored to be stepping in.

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