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Floyd Mayweather denies claiming to have had sex with Tiny

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Floyd Mayweather denies claiming to have had sex with Tiny

Floyd Mayweather Jr. 3By Fio Borrelli
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

This morning, a video hit the internet of a portion of a Floyd Mayweather, Jr. press conference. Only eight seconds long, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. addresses the situation with T.I. and Tiny. Given the short length of the video, it sounds like Floyd claims to have had sex with Tiny.

The internet has been set ablaze by the story over the past day. But, it turns out there is more to the story than what has been said. Waking up to news of him claiming to have done something he previously made clear he had not done, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. set the record straight.

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. took to his Instagram this afternoon and he made it clear that he did not have sex with Tiny. Agreeing with it sounding like that’s what he said, Floyd wrote out what he did say. Make no mistake, Floyd Mayweather did not break up the Harris family dynamic.

See Floyd Mayweather, Jr.’s Instagram photo below:


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